I'm currently a fractional product director, and have previously worked in a variety of environments: head of product at a pre-PMF startup, growth PM at scale-ups and also co-founded and bootstrapped a startup. I also have a technical background.

Born and raised in Singapore, 5 years in Taiwan, and have been in Germany for another 5 years since.

I had to figure a lot of things on my own and learn things the hard way in my career journey so I understand how hard navigating our jobs and career can be sometimes. At the same time, I have occasionally been lucky to get guidance from others who have walked the path before me which shortened the learning curve. Their help has inspired me to mentor and pay it forward.

I am best as a mentor when we are able to agree on clear goals on where I can help. I am somewhat flexible with the frequency, the ideal is around half hour sessions every 1 or 2 weeks.

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Entering product management
  • - Transitioning from engineering to product management
  • - Navigating being a founding PM
  • - 0-1 product work
  • - Stakeholder management
  • - General PM craft topics (for early career and mid-level PMs)

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