I'm currently product director at an early-stage startup in the ecommerce analytics space, and have previously worked in a variety of environments: head of product at a pre-PMF startup, growth PM at scale-ups and also co-founded and bootstrapped a startup. I also have a technical background. Born and raised in Singapore, 5 years in Taiwan, and have been in Germany for another 5 years since. I had to figure a lot of things on my own and learn things the hard way in my career journey so I understand how hard navigating our jobs and career can be sometimes. At the same time, I have occasionally been lucky to get guidance from others who have walked the path before me which shortened the learning curve. Their help has inspired me to mentor and pay it forward. I am best as a mentor when we are able to agree on clear goals on where I can help. I am somewhat flexible with the frequency, the ideal is around half hour sessions every 1 or 2 weeks.

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Entering product management
  • - Transitioning from engineering to product management
  • - Navigating being a founding PM
  • - 0-1 product work
  • - Stakeholder management
  • - General PM craft topics (for early career and mid-level PMs)
23.May 2024

Bryan is a great person and even though his subject matter focus is in the Product management area, he is able to help you in other areas as well. I got clear answers to majority of the questions in just 1 session and most important of all, had a very positive feeling and outlook after talking to Bryan - a more rare quality nowadays. Thanks Bryan and talk to you soon.

20.May 2024

As always, Bryan's feedback is super insightful and useful. Thanks for your time

11.April 2024

Bryan listened very carefully, asked good questions, and shared valuable input with me. Thanks again.

4.April 2024

Bryan was helpful in guiding and sharing his perspectives on various aspects related to job search and career help in general. His honest opinions are helpful to have an unbiased perspective about the action items to be undertaken. We discussed few product management aspects as well, but there is more to uncover and learn in the upcoming interactions. Overall, it was really a positive experience in collaborating with Bryan. Thanks for all the help.

1.February 2024

Bryan was incredible helpful for our product and I really enjoyed speaking to him due to his expertise and on-point feedback.

20.January 2024

Bryan proactively helped me evaluate the strengths and gaps I have in my career portfolio and helped me rephrase my work experiences to highlight my strength. He also shared about his work experiences and helped me understand the industry better.

19.January 2024

Bryan has an ability to guide you towards thinking more. I got in touch with him to discuss about several opportunities and he asked me questions and shared his own experience that helped me in considering different aspects for making a decision. Thanks for your guidance Bryan.

18.January 2024

My mentoring sessions with Bryan have been great. He has been providing such great off-the-cuff insights and feedback to anything I bring to our sessions. Him sharing his experience in product, team culture, project structure, value propositions, and more, is helping me build confidence into my own practice as product designer. Thanks for your time thus far, and I am looking forward to many more sessions.

14.December 2023

I had a nice conversation with Bryan. He shared plenty of insights with me about career goals, effective job search strategies, and more. Bryan also provided tips to enhance my interview skills. Moreover, he shared information about the work culture in Germany. I'm really glad to be connected with him and highly recommend his mentorship. Thanks, Bryan. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.

30.November 2023

I had a great time with Bryan. He zooms in and zooms out on the topics and gave me practical tips. He even gave me advice on the possible scenarios that could happen. I highly recommend any PM navigating through stakeholders and communication to go to Bryan for actionable pieces of advice.

30.October 2023

Bryan provided invaluable guidance on navigating professional challenges, emphasizing constructive dialogue and trust-building. His approach to disagreements and timeline management has taught me the importance of clear communication. I've learned to show initiative and willingness to learn, even in unfamiliar territories like devops. The mentor's advice on transparent communication in one-on-one interactions and stakeholder management has been crucial.

29.October 2023

It was a pleasure to speak with Bryan. I found him very insightful and helpful. He helped me understand the steps I should take to address my situation. Thank you!

3.October 2023

Some helpful insights gained from our conversation. Pleasant and very informative! Thank you and talk soon :)

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