Catarina is an Internal Communications Manager, specialized in Digital Marketing and Strategy, with a strong background in Human Resources. She's been working on organizational change, innovation and digital transformation since 2004. She created the Internal Comms department of the company and scoped IC on business model within a people plan, so that communication was/is used as a powerful, adjustable and evolutionary management tool, in all geographies. Recently, Catarina implemented a Sharepoint Online Intranet (Microsoft) for 2400 users, which has so far been visualized 500 k times. At the same time, she is the head of communications of a portuguese brand, stored in Shopify E-commerce store, a personal project in partnership. Between 2004 and 2019 she led several organizational digital transformation projects. Firstly, Catarina managed the digitalization of the training Department by implementing an LMS – Learning Management and an E-Learning System (SumTotal). Therefore, she was invited to manage the organizational development and internal comms Department. She led two important digital transformation projects: an Integrated Human Resources Management System (Talentia HCM) and two pristine Performance Appraisal Models on SAP HR and on Talentia HCM - PA Module, both with almost 300 appraisers and 3000 employees (that includes their training as users). Besides her professional life, she is a writer and a musician (the self-made type). She loves all sorts of artistic expression and thrives when she can create something new and meaningful for the people she is surrounded by.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Learning & Development
  • Performance Appraisal and Skills Management
  • Change Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
18.November 2021

It was a very good talk. I managed to get usefull insights from HR and business development in general. Also I really liked your friendly attitude. Even though the session was scheduled for 30 minutes we talked 1 hour. Thanks for you time, it was a great chat.