About me

Hi, I'm Charlotte.

I'm an engineering manager at Echo pharmacy, where I look after 6 or so engineers across 2 of our teams. The goal of Echo is to help people with long term health conditions manage their repeat prescriptions without so many headaches around talking to their GP or visiting a pharmacy. Given the coronavirus situation, we're also an essential service in helping many vulnerable people to self isolate in the UK.

Prior to Echo, I was a senior software engineer at Dotscience, a company working to automate many of the version control and deployment flows software engineers take for granted but which data scientists don't know or don't want to know how to build.

Mentoring Topics

  • Career development: I graduated computer science 5 years ago and have progressed pretty quickly through a few different jobs and seniority levels. I'm especially mindful of giving advice to minorities in tech who will not be able to use the same lessons as those who are not minorities.
  • CVs, interviewing: I have now been on all 3 sides of the discussion - being interviewed, being the interviewer and being the hiring manager. I'd love to help people avoid mistakes in interviews and write better job applications.
  • Process and people sounding board for minorities: I've often found it useful to be able to bounce stories off my friends to understand whether the situations I'm in are normal or not. I'd like to provide others who may not be as lucky to have those friends with that sounding board.
  • Moving between management and engineering: can advise if this is a good/bad idea having seen both tracks.
  • Tech stack: Expert - Golang, python; some frontend - react, typescript. Some exposure to GraphQL and gRPC.
  • Expert in infrastructure - Kubernetes, docker, CI/CD systems.


English - English

Country: United Kingdom Timezone: Europe/London

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