As a Certified Business Coach & Consultant my core philosophy is simple. Service is Love in action. There is no greater service to the world than the career that you devote your life to and show up in, every day.

It is my mission to help both startups and established companies redefine their approach to business, especially as a means of empowerment, beautifying the world and creating lasting Impact. I'm continuously inspired by ancient philosophy and leadership (the likes of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Hannibal and other greats) and strive to help CEOs, Thought Leaders and High Performing Individuals develop a powerful mindset, with habits and emotional intuition that not only keeps them accountable, but creates a foundational Anti Fragile approach to stressors, volatility and risks, so you can grow from the things that would otherwise break you.

As well as being trained in Mindvalley's Conscious Business strategies by Ajit & Vishen, I generally work with two primary business frameworks: The Entrepreneurial Operating System ( and a methodology rooted in the mystical system of Kabbalah that I designed and expanded from various teachers.

I love working with companies and communities to consult on the energetics and spiritual dimensions of business. In 2020, I travelled to Nepal & Tibet for a month to stay with a group of monks and learnt practices for the creation of Tulpas and Thoughtforms, which I have found to be vital aides to many businesses. Learning to create, cultivate and enter a dialogue with the consciousness of your business has formed a core part of my practice ever since.

As well Business Consultancy, I also specialise in spiritual and life coaching. I offer a variety of guided breathwork, ritual and meditation techniques to connect with your vision and truly thrive in your life.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Business Strategy
  • Systems & Scaling
  • Mindset & Behaviour
  • Habits
  • Discipline
  • Spiritual Tradition
  • Money Mindset & Management
  • Consultancy
22.May 2023

I had an incredibly insightful session with Chris about executive level challenges around creating a better communication culture. He helped me look deeper and identify that what looked like an isolated incident, was actually a systematic problem. And he provided great guidance on how to employ NVC (non-violent communication) to go about fixing the issue from the top down of the organization.

I'm really appreciative of his guidance and would likely connect with him many more times.