Christian Städtler

Christian Städtler

COO mobileJobs GmbH

I'm Chris - my passion is leadership and organizational development and I'm a business growth and change enthusiast. I love to support leadership talents on their way to become the leader they want to be - to shape organizations so that they are capable of sustainable growth.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Hacking growth - How can your team and organization adapt quickly enough to the growing demands of your start-up
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring - Find your way of leadership and execute it
  • Company culture - it's all about your culture, how to find and drive your culture
  • Sales coaching - How to analyze and optimize your sales department for sustainable growth
30.May 2022

Again another great session, straight to the point, very useful and practical information. Clear conversation and communication.

12.May 2022

I enjoyed the session a lot, it was very detailed and informative with clear examples. I also bought the booked recommended and I have started reading it. The communication was also very clear and straight forward.

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