My name is Claire. Central to the my career success has been helping organisations become more human in their interactions – supporting and enabling executives in their transformation from mere managers of metrics into leaders of people, and then seeing that impact on colleagues, customers and business. This is at the heart of where I find my personal joy.

Not known as a wallflower, or a “yes” person, I will often challenge the status quo, taking people beyond their comfort zone, all in the spirit of doing the right thing for a brand, a person, or a company. Widely recognised for bringing a distinct energy to all situations, I am relentlessly curious, never afraid to ask difficult questions, while always willing to give tough, honest answers when needed. I am a seasoned problem solver, with over two decades of experience as a transformational specialist and strategist as well as a brand reputation guardian for some of the world's most iconic companies/corporations. I have a passion for storytelling, a drive for results and a temperament for the toughest of challenges. I work best in the role of coach, collaborator, and cheer leader. I am an equal-rights obsessive, fiercely committed to meritocracy and the value of EQ.

For the last twenty years I have dedicated myself to exploring every corner of the omni channel customer journey. I believe the most successful brands/companies put purpose at the core of their work. I began my own career journey with Adidas, directly on the retail floor. Less than 15 years later I had risen to being the first female senior executive at the company to report directly to the board. One of my career highlights was conceptualizing, launching and building Adidas NEO from conception to a €1.4 billion brand in less than seven years. One of the first to embrace disruptive platforms, with the award winning Twitter powered #NEOrunway Show, as SVP Concept to Consumer, we built the global merchandising standards, the new retailing concept for Adidas, imagining and executing the future of retail for Adidas and implementing new approaches in the brand’s go-to-market strategy.

With an appetite for protecting and driving iconic brands, my next career step was with Apple, as Managing Director Channel. In the newly formed role I led a team responsible for developing how the world’s most valuable brand turns up globally in its non-owned channels. With my team, I managed the process from creative strategy, through design and development of communications and merchandising platforms, to reimagine how Apple turns up in its partners’ marketing and environments.

Most recently I was CEO at Amorelie, a leading sexual wellness brand in the DACH region. Taking the reins from the founder, I was tasked with transforming Amorelie from a quirky start-up to a grown up brand. I focussed on revisiting and resetting our purpose, clarifying the brand’s vision, setting a 5-year strategy, and developing our leadership and culture.

I am a Brit by birth. I hold a double degree from Trinity University, Leeds in Theology and Media Studies. I enjoy travelling with my son, particularly seeing the world through fresh and innocent eyes. I am a passionate music lover, Karaoke Queen, a budding contestant for the Great British Bake Off and love to stay physically active so I can enjoy more of my baking creations.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Business Transformation
  • Scale up from start up
  • Leadership and culture
  • Purpose and Values
  • Strategy and Structure
18.May 2022

Claire, the session was very helpful. You understood my situation very quickly, gave me actionable recommendations and boosted self-confidence. Thank you!

15.May 2022

It was super helpful, I love the practical approach of our meeting. Claire was a perfect mentor for me as she has experience in corporate and "start up" business models.

One of my favorite things of the session was when I mentioned our economic limitations and you also gave me feedback of been realistic of what is needed for internationalisation.

The only downside for me was to be super stressed thinking about the 15 minutes limitation but we did it longer so it was also great we had time to finish certain ideas.

9.May 2022

Thank you, Claire, for giving advice on the direction and sharing insights on the market conditions in the current censorship landscape. Furthermore, appreciate a recommendation for the possibility of further connection from your network.

3.May 2022

Thank you for the session Claire, it was very informative and inspiring. Will take it on to my work & personal interactions!

1.May 2022

I was so grateful that I could talk to Claire. I’m just about to start a new job and we could cover many concerns/questions that I’ve had. Her active listening really made our session laser focused on how to tackle these topics, what to pay attention when I enter to the new position, and what tools I can use to collect the relevant insights. In 15 minutes we covered so many open topics that I truly felt armed after our session to get started my new adventure with positive approach and curiosity to learn. Having the support of such a wonderful professional who’s willing to give her full attention to you is such an amazing opportunity. Thanks so much for the help, Claire!