About me ✓ Claudia Jork and Kai Schmidt is a certified mentor

It's actually about us. About YOU, us - Claudia and Kai - and the connections of big picture and details, network, learnings, insights and own experiences. Yes, in times of current global transformation, pandemic restrictions and further disruptions (all the way from global trend shifts to political, financial, economical, technical developments to individual new challenges in the way we interact, work together and succeed) relevant, valuable, trusted and enabling mentorship is key. And guess what - it always has been.

We both connected and joined forces, methods, knowledge and experiences to enable the best and true potential in each individual, team, founder and leader - in YOU.

• Do you look for guidance, thought partnership for connecting the dots and giving guidance & navigation in situations of tension, stress and uncertainty?

• Are you searching for experienced mentors in the field of effective self- and / or people management, teamwork and team leading competences?

• Do you envision creating impact for yourself and your surrounding but are unsure how to start, missing a clear vision, strategy and value-driven sustainable goals for yourself or your team/business?

• Do you somehow feel lost of track and purpose or overwhelmed by complexity, realizing a lack of motivation?

• Are you facing new team structures, management / partner changes or do you experience challenges due to the “remote-only / digital” way of working and coordination?

• Do you struggle with a decision to take, with doubts of taken decisions or emotional blockages?

Together, we combine 35+ years of experience in several corporate companies and industries, including roles focussing on effective management and leadership, on customer orientation, sustainable outcomes and people development. Our expertise includes fields of operations, sales, international leadership and transformation, change-, project and program management, business development and strategy, entrepreneurship and scaling, sustainability and sharing economy, mentoring and systemic coaching, mental training and mindfulness.

But most of all: WE COMBINE OUR LOVE AND PASSION FOR PEOPLE - to create impact and guide committed individuals, from CEO and founders levels to start-up teams, from corporate top managers to institutional groups to private individuals. Our focus is always the human being. YOU. On re-connecting you with yourself and guiding you on your path of current questions and challenges that led you to this site and moment with sound experience in business, leadership, mentoring, coaching and advisory.

Recommended to join the Mentoring Club, we do offer a combined session in faith and conviction that you are ready to commit to your personal growth and development. That you see the correlation between personal development and business accomplishments. To find not only solutions and goals to reach, but vision and values that really drive you. Passion that fulfills and not only feeds you. Solutions that take your business to the next level while grounding yourself.

We believe in you. Start doing the same.

Connect with us - we are here to support you.

Mentoring Topics

  • Personal growth & career development
  • Purpose - values - personal inner drive
  • Resilience and stress reduction
  • Leader competences
  • Creating vision that fits to you
  • Guiding development of strategy and goals
  • Value-driven organisation
  • Mindfulness
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability
  • Sharing economy


German - Deutsch

Country: Switzerland Timezone: Europe/Zurich

Reviews for Claudia Jork and Kai Schmidt

5.October 2021

A double pack as mentors seems unusual. But Claudia and Kai complement each other perfectly. With different approaches they triggered more new thought processes. During this first conversation I already got the impulses I had hoped for.

26.April 2021

Decouple formed contexts, see the positive in all my roles, play topics sometimes back to the other person

31.March 2021

Just 1 session has great value, just talking about it can bring clarity, it does not hurt to book a meeting :)