About me

Hi, I’m Claus! In my current role, I support cross-functional software teams and team leads as Head of Engineering for a health care company in Berlin. I have 20+ years of experience working in the tech industry on three continents and aspire to always keep learning, growing leadership at any level, and supporting people to feel successful.

As a senior leader myself, I'd like to offer you my experience on what it takes to succeed as a manager or as a professional in the software industry. I look forward to talking to you about everything related to leadership & management, team organisation & agile methodologies, and career advice & self-mastery with a focus on leadership development through behaviour change.

Mentoring Topics

  • Hiring
  • Organisational design
  • Agile methodologies
  • Management careers in tech
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Finding your leadership style
  • Positive psychology
  • Behaviour change
  • Tiny Habits
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Claus

16.November 2021

Hi Claus,

big thanks for your time during our conversation. Your feedback and insights have greatly helped to move the planning of the next steps of my startup ahead. Especially your questions got many things rolling, which I'm still thinking about.

Thanks again for your time and helpful thoughts. I wish you all the best!

Best, Max

3.November 2021

Thanks Claus. Our conversation helped me a lot to find the right next steps for scaling my team and preparing the organisation for the upcoming challenges. I'm really looking forward to our next session and share our progress.