About me

My name is Conny and I am working as an Entrepreneur , product leader & systemic coach for quite some time now with experiences across industries. I have founded my own tech venture in the midst of the African continent in a time when a niche product need arose - we may not have made it to wall street but we reacted fast to pressing needs! I have worked for more than half a decade for one of the fastest growing fashion e-commerce platforms in Europe (Zalando). As a product leader I have learnt how to manage opinions, nurture people and evolve a product by figuring out the right thing. Nowadays I have decided to spread my wings across the industries as a product consultant by engaging with and learning from many different projects, use cases, problems and teams. This helps me excel knowledge gained particularly around how to practice good and as lean as possible product discovery while finding common grounds with executive needs, conservative structures and fear to pivot within the world of digital transformation as well as application modernisation. Given all of the above it comes naturally to me wanting to inspire, nurture and support talent and have always done so in my position as functional lead, I would like to now use my time at hand to broaden the scope of folks to reach. I believe I have got a ton to give and tell and am at the same time super eager to learn about the challenges others's face.

Mentoring Topics

  • Product Strategy (Vision, Outcomes based planning, Opportunity Tree Mapping, Purpose KPIs)
  • Product Team structures
  • From Discovery to Backlog Prioritisation
  • Product Workshop Facilitation & Templating (Discovery, Framing, Execution, Iteration)
  • App Modernisation Prioritisation
  • Career Development as a Product Manager (How to work with your manager)
  • Team Challenges
  • Retros & Feedback Methodologies
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin