My name is Cristina, and I've been dedicated to the IT industry for nearly a decade. I started as someone who loved breaking things, but my journey quickly led me to discover a true passion for building and innovating. Throughout my career, I've accumulated valuable experience in product management, project management, quality assurance, and UX design (on the side - :D ). This diverse skill set has provided me with a deep understanding of how to bring ideas to life and create impactful solutions. What truly excites me is driving product growth through data-driven strategies and monetization. I relish mastering all aspects of the product lifecycle and leveraging insights to make informed decisions.

My Mentoring Topics

  • - I am a junior PM, what should I focus on?
  • - How to break into Product management
  • - Product analytics basics
  • - How to effectively manage cross-functional teams
  • - Stakeholder management
  • - Game producing
  • - Project management

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