About me ✓ Daniel is a certified mentor

Daniel is a former BI consultant and current Analytics team leader with over 15 years of experience in having fun with data.

Coming from a Business Informatics background gained at DHBW Stuttgart he started directly into the consulting world with being one of the first consultants with Infomotion, now one of the leading Analytics consultancies in the DACH region. There he learned the ropes of using data to change the world while also adapting a mindset of education and coaching in contact with his clients. Those clients being a lot of major organisations in the DACH area, touching topics ranging from financial risk controlling to manufacturing processes. At the same time he became the Knowledge Manager of the organisation, aligning the personal development of all consultants with the company goals.

After 10 years he "settled down" into the quiet environment of startups, namely Freeletics, now one of the more well known personal fitness platforms. There he built up an entire analytical organisation from scratch and established a culture of data.

Currently he is the Head of BI at Kaia Health, helping guide the path of personal therapeutics towards the digital world. Again starting from scratch but already guiding the company with insights.

When he is not up to the neck in data, as he cherishes being hands-on, he is usually playing with his daughter, traveling, reading or enjoying a good whisky.

Mentoring Topics

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • ETL
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Architecture
  • KPIs and Measures
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • BI at scale and Startups
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Daniel

20.November 2021

Definitely thanks Daniel, it was power packed hour. Also for the book suggestion "Leadership and self deception", i bought it immediately and already half way through. Looking forward for next session soon.

13.November 2021

The session with Daniel was great. Daniel gave me guidance and insightful feedback on some of my assumptions on how to best approach greenfield data engineering projects. My session with him gave me a more holistic view of the role of a data engineer, how to interact with stakeholders, and how to not paint yourself into a corner with the wrong data architecture based on wrong assumptions. The confirmation and guidance I received in our session, gave me confidence in my ability to tackle my next (big) data project.

30.September 2021

Had a wonderful session with Daniel. He listened to my situation patiently and he inputs from his experience really helped to make a decision. He is a great mentor!

25.July 2021

Absolutely! Really good mentoring & coaching!

16.June 2021

Thank you very much for taking the time. I really liked the combination of input and me formulating my own thoughts to get your feedback and sparing!

18.May 2021

Meeting with Daniel was a delight and brought me many new insights concerning the world of data and possible ways to go in this direction. So yeah, the session was pretty helpful.

Daniel, I rally enjoyed our talk as it was not only informative but also fun. :)

28.April 2021

Dear Daniel,

it is really nice to meet you! I truly enjoyed our conversation and I hope you did as well.

Thanks for your time. Your words definitely helped clear some of my myth and shed some lights on my path.



4.March 2021

15.February 2021