About me

Over the past 15+ years, I've been blessed with an exciting sales, marketing and business development opportunities over two different large multinational companies, six different product categories and five different countries. I am currently a business development lead for Philips Sonicare based in Seattle, working with a fantastic team of young professionals in business development and the bigger organization to bring innovative oral care to more consumers and markets in more ways!

Aside from business - which has always been my passion - the time spent living in so many countries, working with people across cultures, leading various teams, coaching amazing people and seeing them trailblaze and achieve their goals builds experiences, successes and failures that I would be happy to share and support your own growth. Reach out if this is interesting, sharing is caring!

Mentoring Topics

  • International management
  • Global business development
  • Working across cultures
  • Principle-based leadership
  • Personal development
  • Leading remote teams
  • Consumer healthcare
  • Competitition and co-opetition
  • Pricing
Country: United States Timezone: America/Los_Angeles