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David O'Reilly

David O'Reilly ✓ certified mentor

✓ certified mentor
Head of Sales and Marketing Snapfix Ltd (B2B Saas)

I have a passion for helping people and love to see people grow and develop. In my time as a sales leader I have coached and mentored numerous sales professionals and people from other parts of the business on their career journey.

This passion coupled with a keen understanding of all sales processes, pipeline management, Salesforce reporting, qualification, closing techniques etc has allowed me to consistently deliver strong results as well as helping others develop the tools to do so.

As a leader on the Access Indeed Inclusion Resource Group I also worked with the wider business to help deliver Access Indeed's mission. This mission is to make the company a more inclusive and belonging place for people with visible and invisible disabilities.

I care deeply about creating a culture where people can come to work every single day and be themselves, without fear of judgment or ridicule.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Sales process
  • Sales
  • Career Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
11.September 2020

I learned about the importance of values in company culture, learned some new methods for interviews and learned about Indeed as a company.

6.September 2020

Dealing with challenging situation at work and properly addressing them - Answering questions at interview in a good way - Understanding the expectations / questions of Head of Sales

27.August 2020

1. How to optimise my profile to reach my goals

2. What should i read to obtain knowledge in my domain

3. How should i target the opportunities i am seeking

25.August 2020

Take things step by step rather than tackling everything at once

Use historical data to inform your next steps (including the kind of data to pull, what you should be looking at, etc.)

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