About me ✓ David is a certified mentor

I build, lead, and advise agile engineering and product organizations and take great pride in helping individuals and businesses become better at what they do. I have experience with ad tech, SaaS platforms, digital media, software infrastructure, financial systems, and scientific applications and instruments. I started my career writing code and became increasingly responsible for multiple disciplines, including software development, product management, UX, technical operations, and customer experience.

With over 35 years of experience and many years at the executive level, I would like to share what I've learned and provide feedback to people seeking guidance and direction.

Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership
  • Executive presence
  • Overcoming imposter's syndrome
  • Effective hiring
  • Building an agile team


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Country: United States Timezone: America/Los_Angeles

Reviews for David

15.December 2021

David is amazing and was able to give us the exact advice we needed to tackle our challenges. I was really impressed by his broad knowledge and his ability to understand our situation. Highly recommended.