About me

I'm an organizational consultant, trainer and coach. I learn, teach and coach about agile work approaches. I have a past as a business intelligence specialist, a web and mobile developer, a UI/UX designer, a product and project manager, in companies big and small.

I started and re-started many times, I hope I can help anyone with questions about either my professional areas of expertise or facing those crossroad moments in life and career that I faced many times.

If you have a question about Agile, teamwork, facilitation, organizational change or career switching, let’s have a chat!

Mentoring Topics

  • Career advice
  • Work methodologies
  • Remote work
  • Hybrid work
  • Teamwork
  • Consulting
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Agile
  • Organizational design
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Group facilitation
Country: Italy Timezone: Europe/Rome

Reviews for Davide

25.November 2021

La chiaccherata con Davide è stata veramente profiqua! Dopo 15 min sembrava ci conoscessimo da anni e parlavamo delle rispettive esperienze traendone consigli e spunti di riflessione molto interessanti! Davide è una persona molto preparata professionalmente e con una grande umanità che lo rende un mentore vero oltre che una persona piacevole con cui dialogare e avere un parare su qualsiasi aspetto professionale e non.

5.November 2021

The session was extremely useful. Great chat and suggestions. I feel more motivated I'm looking forward to working on the topics we discussed.

7.October 2021

Yes, it was very helpful. I gained perspective on what the industry is looking for, which is value in how to frame myself to find a job.

29.September 2021

La sessione con Davide è stata molto utile e mi ha aiutato ad individuare delle azioni concrete da mettere in campo da subito.

20.September 2021

Thanks, very helpful. You focused properly the possible paths highlighting the pros and the cons and making them more rationale.

13.September 2021

The session with Davide was really helpful. He was honest, friendly and insightful. We explored the project and he was able to identify some important issues I had not anticipated. He was kind enough to share very interesting literature after our call. I am very pleased with the experience and I'm recommending him to other colleagues of mine as well.

9.September 2021

I had a session with Davide about a very complex situation. He was a good listener and got the important points. He told me his experience in similar circumstances, choices he took, and consequences. This gave me many different reading keys.

In the end, I got concrete steps and actions to take to solve and improve my scenario.