Denise Tham

Denise Tham

Life Coach :: Career Coach :: Customer Success :: Quality Engineering :: Exploring life

I believe in the quality, not the longevity of one's life is what is important. My friends told me that personal development and stoicism are fueling me these days. My colleagues told me that I ask many questions to find out stuff. My sister says I am looking for ways to cultivate habits and understand humans! Some of my buddies say I am good at creating optimised process, effective communication & build collaborative workplaces. My cousin just says I hug plants often & use quite a few colouring materials. Oh, and yes, occasionally you will find me at my guerrilla garden! Many people around me would say about all of the above is a side effect of software testing work in teams. Quite a few of them observed I help them with creating clarity, a few mind shifting questions to ponder on & witnessing the decisions trigger changes! :: Have you burned out in the past and wishing to build supportive habits? :: Do you notice you are lost and Scared to death to dive full in for a change in your life to reach your personal goals? :: Have you been serving in a company or self-employed but you feel stuck?

My Mentoring Topics

  • 🌱 Mindfulness
  • 🌱 Recover from being burnout
  • 🌱 Creating your vision
  • 🌱 Solidifying supportive habits
  • 🌱 Unlock limiting beliefs
  • 🌱 Integrate & thrive in a new environment
  • 🌱 Courageously leap into trusting yourself
1.November 2022

She was very kind and listening thoroughly to my issue. And guided me well.

6.January 2022

Thank you soooooo much! Got so much clarity and feel very empowered. It was very encouraging. Really appreciate all the thoughtful questions and the way session went was amazing! Many thanks!

28.November 2021

Yes, it was helpful. Learned new skills and mentor was very open to listening

24.November 2021

The session was brilliant as it gave me focus and I loved the guidance shared. I only hope the time was more.

12.August 2021

The session is very engaging and helpful in my journey to be a team leader. It also helps me to think differently and knowing myself better.

10.August 2021

The session has been so insightful. Not only it helped to bring a bit more order in my thoughts, but it also brought in many new perspectives I would have never considered on my own. You have a talent, and I'm so grateful for the chance I had to have a chat with you. Thank you for your precious time.

10.August 2021

Very helpful, adequate amount of challenge was given to break my habitual way of thinking, prompting me to come up with new ideas and most importantly reminded me to love myself first above anything else.

17.July 2021

THANKS, I really appreciated your energy and your professionality. I've found also the material very useful.

7.May 2021

It was a nice session, thank you Denise! I feel like I already knew the majority of the strategies we discussed and have thought through some of the possibilities, so I partially didn't feel like learning ground breaking new stuff. On the other hand, it was helpful to summarise what is troubling me and different approaches in a concise manner and get a fresh nudge to really implement some of these strategies in practice. I still must think of an affirmation to write down for today :)

25.April 2021

I really enjoyed the session, your coaching approach works very well for me. Looking forward to our next session in a couple of weeks and thank you again.

9.April 2021

Huge thanks for listening, Denise and for giving me practical tips on how to handle my situation.

24.March 2021

Really enjoyed it ! Thanks

24.March 2021

Lots! she helped me with Work stress, Motivation, Tasks organization, and balance work and life

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