About me

Denys Pavlenko is an Engineering Manager of Quality Assurance team at Personio GmbH, enabling better organisations by providing the leading HRM platform for SMEs in Europe. Former Domain Quality Lead of Magento as a part at eBay Inc.

QA Coach at StartIT Training center for IT Specialists. The aim of the courses is to help talented and perspective people to start a career in IT, give the career opportunities and get worthy salary.

Speaker at QA Conferences, one of the QA Meetup organizers in Munich, Germany.

By leading quality at a number of different companies with different setups, Denys can help out with defining the vision and identifying the right quality strategy based on the stage of product maturity. He has a solid understanding of the Testing methodologies, hands-on experience with setting up scalable and automated solutions.

Denys does like sharing the experience and challenges of building up a QA team from scratch, the main pitfalls of moving from Quality Assurance towards Quality Assistance within the org.

He's been coaching Quality Assurance Engineers from Junior till Senior position for the last 6 years.

Mentoring Topics

  • Leading Quality and building up Quality Narrative within the org
  • Helping out with identifying the most suitable testing strategy
  • Practical Testing pyramid
  • Testing the miscroservices world
  • Starting a career in QA or/and switching from Software Engineering to QA
  • Building up robust test frameworks by using prominent scalable and reliable solutions and technologies
  • Preparation for QA Interview, career advise and inspiration
  • Recruitment with a focus on QA Engineers
  • Ask me anything about quality
  • Agile Testing
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

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