Cyber Security professional with 20 years experience.

I've worked in a variety of Organisations ('Big 4' consulting, large and small companies).

Projects delivered across a range of industry sectors. My focus has been around Security, Risk and Compliance.

I'm keen to share my experience with anyone new to Cyber Security.

Also happy to provide guidance around general topics of project management, effective communication, time management and leadership strategies and team culture. I've always found that I learn something from the conversations I have with mentees, so I'm excited about that too!

If you're interested in any of that or feel that I can be of assistance... let's chat!

My Mentoring Topics

  • Cyber Security
  • Security governance, risk and compliance
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Leadership strategies
  • Team culture
9.August 2023

I wanted to share my incredibly positive experience from my recent session with Dinesh on cybersecurity. His communication skills are outstanding, and his two decades of expertise shine through.

During our session, Dinesh demonstrated an impressive ability to distill complex concepts into easily digestible information. His insights were invaluable, and in a remarkably short span of time, he managed to offer me invaluable advice on which specific facets of cybersecurity I should focus on, leveraging my transferrable skills from my previous work experiences.

I highly recommend Dinesh to anyone looking to delve into this domain.Thank you once again for connecting me with Dinesh. I look forward to the opportunity for further engagements and learning experiences in the cybersecurity realm.

5.July 2023

Very useful session. The insights and knowledge he has shared have significantly deepened my understanding of the field of cybersecurity!

23.May 2023

So many insights were packed into the sessions that I had with Dinesh. In the end, he also went forward and help me to prepare homework on how to proceed with my learnings. Very understanding with the fact that I am still early in my learning process, and can highly recommend him in this platform.

4.July 2022

Thanks for the time Danish. You advise with a lot of passion and one can see how genuinely you want to give back to the community. That's rare in these busy times.

9.June 2022

It is definitely helpful and gave me a new direction to think about my learning journey. Thank you, Dinesh for your time and for sharing knowledge about the cyber industry. Overall, much appreciated and very positive session.

19.May 2022

The session was helpful and the mentor gaves me much important information and well oriented vision to the CS field as I amnew in it.