I am a highly skilled and experienced Data Engineer with a passion for coding and analyzing big data. I am currently working at Big Spark in London, UK, where I have worked on several projects including migrating from Kafka Cloudera to Kafka Confluent due to log4j vulnerability for our financial services client and building an end-to-end data architecture for an asset management company using Azure in just 12 weeks. I have over 6.5 years of experience in the data domain, including experience in analytics and engineering. Prior to Big Spark, I worked as a Senior Data Engineer at PayU Finance in India, where I contributed to various projects. As an Endometriosis and IBS warrior, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and experiences about mental health, IBS, and endometriosis apart from data engineering, data analysis, and data visualization. In my free time, I enjoy travelling and painting. These days I am learning French and photography. I welcome the opportunity to connect with others and work towards uplifting women in society.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Early Careers

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