About me

I'm a Senior software engineer at Accenture. I am a backend developer and have worked with multiple North American clients in the energy and telecommunication domain. I have developed applications that have raised close to a billion dollars in revenue for my clients.

Throughout my career, I have experimented with various languages and technologies. My primary language for development is Java but I also have experience with Python and Golang. Along with that I have used various databases like SQL, to nosql databases (mongoDB, DynamoDB). I have also worked various automations and made projects on Web scraping. In 2020, I did a certification in AWS, as a developer associate to get more insights into cloud computing.

Apart from my technical skills, I am extremely passionate about Women Empowerment, Mental Health and LGBTQ rights. Giving back to society is something that I truly believe in.

I can help you in finding the right resources and preparing a plan to reach your goals. I will also help you with any interpersonal skills that you would like to develop to reach your goals. Helping you I will feel that I am doing my part in giving back to society.

So, let us connect so that together we can help you advance towards your goals and dreams.

Mentoring Topics

  • Software Engineering
  • Getting an IT job
  • Resources to learn coding and getting started with software development
  • Culture

Reviews for Divya

17.July 2021

It was great, having a talk on, very friendly and got all the clarity of answers, very valuable and helpful.

17.July 2021

Thanks for taking the time to volunteer your time and for encouraging me.

I am glad you remind me that is important to have that first opportunity and leave the rest to come your way.

3.July 2021

This is my second feedback. As I said in my previous feedback the mentor really helped me out to make decisions regarding my higher studies. In addition to that, the mentor reached out to me and helped my friend to get an interview at an august company. The pieces of advice were practical and helped me and my friend.

22.June 2021

It was a great experience for me. You listened patiently and helped me get clear perspective towards my goal. I really appreciate your dedication and effort. Looking forward for our next session together.

5.June 2021

The session was amazing and I found a lot of value from it. The mentor was well qualified to advise me on how to progress in my career and also to help me understand how to go about my plans to study abroad. 10/10 on everything.