Experienced leader. Started as a self-employed intermediary in the construction industry. Was a owner of a construction business, then transitioned into IT. Progressed from project manager to division manager for product and custom development. Throughout my career, I have become a top manager of large companies three times due to my skills, competencies, and leadership qualities. I understand the value of money, comprehend business effects, and do not limit myself to one area of development and work, striving to understand related fields as well. I am interested in non-standard, unconventional approaches to process organization and new business models. In my own development and mentoring, I progress through adapting theory and quickly testing it through practice. This provides dynamic growth. I am open to communication. In terms of communication level, I am suitable for high-level specialists who want to develop or have encountered growth limitations, tactical or strategic issues. I also serve as a mentor for mentors. For beginners or mid-level specialists, I can help with solving cases, career and corporate development consultations, and building growth trajectories. Competencies Strategic management and planning. Project management. Sales. Team management. Financial accounting and planning. Education, development trajectories, coaching. Creating and managing IT departments.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Building IT departments
  • Establishing project offices
  • Project management
  • Managing people and teams
  • Strategic planning
  • B2B sales
  • Outsourcing and outstaffing
  • Business models

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