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If you are an entrepreneur, leader, board member or a top manager of any kind, most probably this is the right place for you to find somebody who will entirely understand you because I have a very similar background.     

If you have any business or private matters that require a fruitful discussion with another professional, you are in the right place. Mostly, there are two types of result-oriented discussions: those directed to solving a problem and others focused on finding missing elements in a project.

If you have a challenge that is hard to overcome, you can suddenly figure out new solutions you haven’t taken into consideration so far. Sometimes you can have a project almost ready to launch, but still there is a little something that needs an additional scenario, back-up plan or just a confirmation that you are on the right path. You will also work it out with me during our meetings.    

I am your sounding board which gives you constructive feedback by asking special questions, so you will gain access to new perspectives to see your reality from a broader or different point of view.

Additionally, you will be able conquer challenges more easily and your future vision or action plan will be fully complete. Sometimes in your life there is a wave of setbacks which seems too high to stand up to alone, and then you can have someone at hand who will be there with you.

This is what I am for: to help you quickly find meaning and clarity in your life and business.I’m 50 years old, and I’ve experienced many adventures throughout my life and business career. My personal drive and intrinsic resilience together with 30 years of global entrepreneurial experience and proven coaching expertise will support your fast improvement. The next step is to organize your strategy and actions in order to achieve your goals faster and easier.

My Mentoring Topics

  • => Help in development in difficult times and by utilizing strengths, to find new niches and opportunities.
  • => Inspiration how to turn setbacks into chances for growth.
  • => Facilitation in re-engineering, cost-optimization, organizational adaptation, and business model transformation.
  • => Support in succession design and its successful management.
  • => Assistance in changing company culture tailored at the chosen strategy.
  • => Aid in crisis management in going through difficult times, overcoming challenges and moving forward together.
  • => Boosting sense giving and setting aspiring goals for people.
  • => Building an atmosphere of trust and a strong community among the staff and management.
  • => Backing creation of a clear vision, strategy and purpose and strategy execution through staff commitment.
  • => Discovering values as a compass for activities and building competencies as a foundation for successful actions.
  • => Promoting servant leadership and coaching management by modeling those attitudes in situational leadership.a I I

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