About me

In my daily work I am Assistant to Director at the WHO Regional Office for Europe/ United Nations.

I have worked in the Organisation for 15 years and find it extremely fascinating to be part of the UN family both from the professional view, but also on a personal level being part of the this multi-national community. I have been in various departments providing the admin.support to the teams and currently for 9 years to the senior executive management. I believe in power of networking and personal branding, and have collected various tips in those areas. During my working day (when no day is alike) after I have tried different planning approaches, I started focusing more on aims and goals and constant prioritisation of the tasks. I deal with a wide range of the admin tasks, am in contact with various people, and always test new ideas for the better management of work/projects/time.

I have also seen the other effect of a high- tempo and vibrant work environment which doesn't always allow us to truly enjoy the job that we have chosen to have, to struggle with heavy workload and feeling enormous pressure of not being able to control the streams of tasks, are unable to create a balanced work-home approach. Thus, I started studying such topics as life-work balance, mindfulness, re-energising yourself, and also coaching and goal setting, executive coaching and mentorship.

Should anything of the above resonate with you and you feel that you need a neutral person to talk to about your own situation, I will be happy to have a chat with you, listen to your situation and allow you to make your own decisions based on the new input.

Either way, best of luck to you!

Kind regards,


Mentoring Topics

  • Life-work balance
  • Your energy level, how to keep it all day and how to boost it
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Networking
  • Multinational environment
  • Office administration and executive support
  • High -level correspondence

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