About me ✓ Lena is a certified mentor

I believe in the power of sharing and giving. Being on my professional journey in IT for more than 13 years, I met many people who supported me, knowingly, and unknowingly with their knowledge and positive regard. They were there to believe in me and trust in my potential, even when I didn't.

Like all these people, I would like to pass this unconditional positive regard, my knowledge, and experience to others on their way in the hope of supporting and being of service.

And I am also sure that in the process of doing this, I will be grateful for learnings, and I will pick up from people I mentor. There is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing the other person growing and being content with who they are.

I am a creative generalist. I have been a software developer, software/solution architect, CTO, project manager, consultant. These days I am an Agile / team coach, as well as professional leadership and life coach.

My experience backpack is full of things from areas spanning from masterful software engineering to leading self and others, from self-improvement to coaching teams (agile and otherwise) and systems (enterprise agility), from management to individual one-on-one coaching.

I like to work with people who feel/believe that we have the power to choose and feel solely responsible for our lives, who strive for better while also aiming to enjoy "here" and "now."

Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership
  • Self-improvement
  • Career Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Agile
  • Lean
  • Professional Coaching
  • Management
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Lena

10.June 2021

Yes, the session was definitely helpful. I loved the way we exchanged experience, questions and possible ways for me to approach my goal. Elena is a great coach, I very much like her personality, her calmness and her broad skill set. I instantly felt safe to open up.

18.March 2021

Thank you for taking time to give me some great tips and your encouragement! It is my third and best mentoring sessions so far, as you started by asking me questions instead of giving me answers from your own perspective. It allowed me to reflect instead of waiting for answers.

7.February 2021

I am not alone in my feelings.

Elena shared exercises with me so that is the main learning

27.January 2021

1. Give myself time and patience 2. Trust my intuition and let it lead me 3. Hold onto my dream, it will manifest when time will come.

21.January 2021

1. As a coachee we know already all answers.

2. Being scared (not too much) is ok. It shows that we try out something new which eventually translates into growth.

3. Being a good listener is such a powerful skill.

3.December 2020

You need to have a clarity about what you want. Coaching education is heplful for personal development and work with people in general. Insights about agile & Start-Up environment.

30.November 2020

I am on the right track, I need to consider if I take on too many prjects if I will spread myself too thin., Be patient learn from mistakes and continue on.

3.November 2020

Design should be a part of the team, find someone in the team who can be a scrum master, find time for discovery part of the product, i'm on the right track

9.October 2020

I will be ok.

5.October 2020

culture, job-hunt, positive

30.September 2020

1) it's okay not to know what you want to do

2) don't forget about own accomplishments

3) make a plan!

22.September 2020

Career couch

17.September 2020

1) Devise a actionable plan, 2) Bitesize goals, 3) Take my time and trust my decision making

8.September 2020

The diverging - converging model, time boxing, bringing intention changes perspective

29.August 2020

no give up and keep on doing

28.August 2020

other job role alternatives in the field; recommended online fora; connection with other professionals

25.August 2020

1. rest is also a source of growth, you need it in order to start again

2. don't underestimate what you are doing already

19.August 2020

1) I can acknowledge the steps I have already taken toward my goal: I have already broken the inertia of being at rest and am already in motion in the direction I have chosen; 2) The thick plate of glass I thought stood between me and my life turns out to be a sliding glass door; 3) my limiting beliefs don't need to keep me from taking action.

17.August 2020

I understood my personal motivation better (I can focus on people management), I got to know more about roles of agile coaches and scrum masters and find out that it is also interesting path to me

30.July 2020

1. start with the positive part of you even though you have to explain something not fancy.

2. acknowledge yourself

29.July 2020

Facilitation techniques, coaching insigths, look into my own values