About me

Hi! my name is Elias,

I currently develop a mentoring programme, based on metacognition. It concerns a synthetic approach in knowledge, emotions and behavior. Three basic elements that define our mindset, our actions.

My experiences and knowledge are at different levels and areas. So I cultivated analytical thinking and observation.

For 21 years I served in the Army (Hellenic Air Force), where I gained my professional experience. Although a non-commissioned officer, I managed to hold high-ranking positions in the fields of personnel management (HR) and team coordination.

The implementation of an idea and the change management on an organization were a great challenge, with succeeded results, and motivate me to create my own path! I'm proud of the work I left, as well as the bonds of respect.

At the academic level I have a degree in Greek Civilization, a master's degree in Art History and MBA in international business. I am also a PhD candidate in a Greek university in the area of Political Science and History.

Would be glad to me share my experience with individuals who want to overcome professional challenges!!!

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Mentoring Topics

  • Professional development
  • Personal growth
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Change career
  • Strategic plan
  • Metacognition
Country: Greece Timezone: Europe/Athens

Reviews for Elias

16.October 2021

I came to know the mentoring club a couple of days before a scheduled my first session with Elias (first ever mentoring session), I was a bit skeptical about the concept, but after going through with it, I am going to make sure that we have a session on a weekly basis. Elias is very mindful, thoughtful, and knowledgeable, with tons of real-life tangible experiences that can help any person who is trying to make it and succeeded in this world. His approach to the session was structured, and he made it a point to listen to everything I had to say.

I would certainly recommend Elias to anybody who'd want to improve their life and have an amazing conversation.

14.October 2021

The session was great and Elias provived me with the right informations to develope my soft skils and guided me how can achieve my goals. It was wonderful experience.

8.September 2021

The discussion helped me a lot and provided me with important informations (and tips) in areas of professional development as well as how to implement a personal strategic plan.

Elias has positive energy and unique way to transimts his knowledge and experience.


1.September 2021

As discussed during our session, before i would have a couch with specific targets in order to get tangible results, i am not experienced with mentoring therefore i do not know how to measure success on it. in general it was a good discussion that will further help in the future. Elias give a good vibe, seems knowledgeable on the subject, doesnt portray to be a figure of authority but more like a helping hand along the path to development. for me it is a helpful session and i can recommend it.