About me

I greet you all, my name is Elias,

Αnd I look forward to talking and helping anyone who wants to discover new perspectives.

My experiences and knowledge are at different levels and areas. So I cultivated analytical thinking and observation.

For 21 years I served in the Army, where I gained my professional experience. Although a non-commissioned officer, I managed to hold high-ranking positions in the field of personnel management (HR) and project implementation.

I'm proud of the work I left behind and the bonds of respect I created. I implemented the creation of an exhibition space and mobilized the staff to be interested and participate in it.

At the academic level I have a degree in Greek Civilization, a master's degree in Art History and MBA in international business. I am also a PhD candidate in a Greek university in the field of Political Science and History.

Mentoring Topics

  • Professional development
  • Personal growth
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Metacognition
Timezone: Europe/Athens