About me

Product leader whose functionality crosses over between product management, analytics, and product growth and marketing seeking a Senior Product Manager position. Strong information technology professional with certifications from IBM.Product school, Aws, Udacity, Udemy, Particular Software, ICSI (International Cybersecurity Institute), UK, Social Brillant, Startup School (Ycombinator), Comptia and DigitalMarker.

An amazing product comes from the right market, the right audience, great user experience and a resilient software/hardware foundation. I'm always on the journey to pursue and build the next amazing product that helps and changes people's lives.

Mentoring Topics

  • Product Management
  • Product Innovation
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Delivery


English - English

Country: Nigeria Timezone: Africa/Lagos

Reviews for Emeka

21.July 2021

The mentorship was great, Emeka Ehinze prepared a presentation and shared some of her materials with me. He made herself available to help me if I needed more information.