I am a results-driven product leader and intrapreneur with 10+ years of experience in the automotive/mobility space. I worked for B2C and B2B companies, for scaled and scaling-up companies. I have experience in executing innovation and in developing products, high-performing teams, and businesses. I have experience as a manager, of people and products, with proven capability in dealing with ambiguity, learning on the fly, creating a synthetic and effective product vision and leading teams towards its delivery. I believe digitalization, big data, and connectivity are going to impact deeply the mobility of the future, improving and enriching the user experience, unlocking new business opportunities, and batteries and fuel cells to decrease the impact on our environment. I am interested in innovation management, especially on how to manage open-innovation, and on product organization design. I am interested in agility methodologies and organizations, curious about methodologies and tools to improve productivities. Technical knowledge in embedded software, vehicle electronic systems, vehicle dynamics, human-machine interfaces, E/E architectures, ADAS, connectivity, fuel cell. I hold an M.S in Computer Engineering, a Ph.D. in Control Engineering, and an MBA.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Product and innovation management.
  • Strategy and organization development.

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