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Solid experience in Sales and Marketing. Skilled in conducting negotiations (National and International) and meeting customer needs, with ease in team / project leadership, business development and global sales and by segment or verticals. I have ability in interpersonal relationships, ability in communication, adaptability to changes, experience abroad, focus on achieving results and commitment to excellence in carrying out actions.

Over 27 years of experience in the cargo airfreight industry, working with people management and developing market strategies, in multinational companies such as FedEx Express and TNT Express.

Postgraduate degree in Marketing at FGV in Brazil and Negotiation and Leadership at Harvard University. Degree in Administration with Emphasis in Marketing, several courses of improvement in USA and Europe, living and working abroad for several projects and fluency in English and Spanish.

Knowledge and experience in sales team leadership, multi-cultural experience and people oriented, with proven leadership and ability to build and work with teams, associated with strong communication. Superior quality driven management abilities with focus in customer´s experience.

Innovative and enterprising profile, with focus in market and business/results-oriented. Performance evaluation, alignment of the sales team with other departments / teams, improvement in portfolio exploration, prospecting / global account management and implementation / preparation of plans sales and operational costs to implement new business.

My intention in this role, is to provide executive profile assessments, performance feedback processes, modeling appropriate attitudes, behaviors and habits, support for connecting with people who assist in career development, and teachings that offer protection to individuals against individuals and situations that can block growth or cause derailment.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Career Planning. ...
  • Leadership/Team Work. ...
  • Professional Challenges. ...

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