I am a seasoned professional with more than 10 years career on IT who has worked lately inside tech companies as Contractor or either Full Time Employee in Latin American Region (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile). Specialist in IT End User Services and Support, Procurement and Supply Chain, Project Management, Cabling and Infrastructure, AV Services and Support, Network and System Administration, Cloud Services, Virtualization, Cybersecurity and IT Asset Inventory Management. I also previously worked at Industry, Services and Outsourcing companies and have background experience in Finance and Business Administration. I am passionate for IT and I always believe that since my childhood, throughout my teenagehood and until today I was always compelled to deal with something challenging and sometimes entertaining to me that is to disassemble and assemble things, and find out how do they really work or most of the time, how to fix them. I have been able to learn about too many devices, processes, policies, situations, occasions, venues and how to cope with them in a creative and effective way. To assist and be a trusted point of contact for doubts and a strong hand to be held when people are in need are what makes my life meaningful. Besides to show them that something complicated at first glance can be simpler than what we may think. I love travel the world and be in touch with people from different countries, places and cultures. For me it is really good be always in movement, practicing some physical activity like swiming, bike riding, inline skating, running and either going at the gym. I really like to talk to people, listen to them, to their stories as well as discuss philosophical ideas and concepts. Join me in a session and let us have a good chat that can lead us perhaps to an elightment... at least about ourselves.

My Mentoring Topics

  • IT Career
  • Diversity
  • Company Culture
  • Career Mentoring
  • Career Transition
  • Guidance on Brazilian IT Market
  • English Learning
  • Digital Resum√©
  • IT Certifications and Exams
  • Sports and Leisure Activities

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