I am a product leader that led up to 6 product teams as well as setup a Data team from almost the ground up. My experience is strongly tied to growth and customer experience topics which I worked at different scale (Typeform, Zizoo, Jumia, HelloFresh). I am lucky to have had a large portfolio of experiences during which I developed skills reinforcing my Product craft: CRM & Marketing, Operations & Lean Processes, Data Science, SEO ... Throughout all these, Data (quantitative & qualitative!) has been core to everything I do and I consider that being data-driven is one of my strong suit together with the empathy to understand customers & stakeholders and my crafty mindset. I recently finalized a Master Degree in Behavioral Science to understand better human behavior, decision making processes, organizational culture, and overall how to be a better actor of change. Aside my work Product, I have been directly involved in building and (re)-organizing teams as well as developing career paths. I am also advising people looking for a change in their career on my free time since 2012. I am looking forward to share my experience and learning, most of which I acquired through failure, and I am excited to figure out together your path to success.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Data-driven decision making
  • Experimentation
  • Growth
  • Lean
  • Behavioral Science applied to Product
  • Transition to Product
  • Career Management (personal or for collaborators)
  • Product Organization / Team design
  • Presentation Skills

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