My New Year's resolution... ;) I want to help other startup founders who are building something meaningful for society, ideally but not necessarily in a 0 to 1 situation. If that's you, hit me up!

I'm a product and data person at heart. Having studied Management and Public Policy, I started my career in Management Consulting and then transitioned to technology. Beginning as a Scrum Master, I became an Agile Coach, Product Manager and then founded my own company, GeoSci GmbH. I currently spend most of my time in business development and building the product and algorithms.

I started the company as a solo founder so I'm somewhat knowledgeable about every function but probably I can contribute most in the area of strategy, getting to Product-Market fit and product discovery.

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Business Strategy
  • - Product Development
  • - Product Discovery
  • - Management
  • - Leadership
3.March 2023

I had a great mentoring session with Florian. He really helped me understand what to focus on exactly at this stage to succeed. He is very approachable, understanding and supportive, I recommend you get a mentoring session with him if you want to get important insights about starting or growing your business.

11.February 2023

The discussion with Florian was very helpful! I really appreciated his openness to answer all my questions and provide professional insights into product development. His mentorship was very much needed and helped give me a better understanding of the research I am conducting. I highly recommend Florian as a mentor and professional.