About me ✓ Florian is a certified mentor

Hi, I'm Florian. I have learned that in all non-trivial projects, helping people to effectively work together is more important than tech.

In a handful of companies I was able to support many of my colleagues in different, mostly technical roles related to Software Engineering (Operations, DevOps, Developer, Technical Product Owner, Tech Lead, Architect, Mentor, Coach) for over fifteen years.

I'm very grateful for the career I have und I always had a lot of fun teaching and mentoring so I'm looking for another opportunity to help others grow.

What I've seen/done/been:

* helped build a private cloud platform for 100+ microservices (JVM-based) using Infrastructure as Code principles in an enterprise context

* lead internal platform team as product manager focussed on developer experience

* part of an architecture team that drove the evolution of the company's microservice platform together with development teams through joint "Rules of Play"

* developer in teams with lots of pair- and mob-programming and testing focus (JVM languages)

* project management in a consultancy with public-sector customers

Mentoring Topics

  • Career choices
  • communication
  • learning
  • team alignment
  • company vision
  • architecture (software and platform)
  • software engineering
  • domain-driven-design
  • DevOps
  • Microservices
  • operations
  • cloud
  • data
  • TDD
  • pair-programming
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin