// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - François Lecomte

Software developer since I was 5yo, I grew my communication skills towards humans by working as a coach for 15 years, helping tech & non-tech people to get familiar and confortable with technologies, architecture, software development practicies, tech strategy, recruitment. Being a founder myself, I worked closely to startup founders for the past 10y, both as a startup coach and tech advisor in incubators/accelerators, while I was spending the main part of my time working at team-level ("team coaching" / "training") and executive-level ("mentoring")

My Mentoring Topics

  • - software development
  • - software architecture
  • - tech strategy
  • - "vulgarization" of technologies and practices (devops, software craftsmanship, AI, blockchain, microservices, devops, agile ...)
  • - software assessment (quality, efficiency, reliability, sustainability...)
  • - people assessment (maturity, skillset...)
  • - digital transformation (strategy, practices, project management ...)

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