About me ✓ Gary is a certified mentor

A freelance change delivery professional with over 16 years of experience of helping organisations implement changes by leading both Business Change and IT enabled projects and programmes, all through the power of people.

In addition to being a Programme Manager, I am an NLP practitioner. This enables me to coach others with topics including:


How to deal with uncertainty

Setting and achieving goals and objectives

Above all else, the coaching I provide is all about helping YOU first and foremost.

Mentoring Topics

  • Career Coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • Positive representation
  • Goal and Objectives Setting
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Dealing with uncertainty


English - English

Country: United Kingdom Timezone: Europe/London

Reviews for Gary

28.October 2021

Gary was very approachable from the beginning which I really liked. He was compassionate and I felt safe. He was also totally supportive of my wishes for the session (or the next one) and I am looking forward to it. :)

11.July 2021

Amazing Just Amazing ! It was great from the first session, making me think completely out of the box and questions that I never ever thought about.

11.July 2021

The session was extremely useful. I was able to learn a lot about project management and about myself with the questions I was asked and the conversation. I came away feeling empowered.

28.June 2021

This has been the 3rd session with you Gary, I believe. All the sessions were great and very helpful. The first session was a more general guidance about the UK job market in my desired field of work. For the second one you took time for going over my CV and as a result put me in touch with lovely Becky. In the latest session we talked about the job I've been offered and life in the UK. Every conversation helped me to move forward with next steps. You created a friendly atmosphere that helped me to open up and asking for help/guidance. I also appreciate your experience and knowledge. In fact, after our first session I gained the confidence to also speak to more people, because of the positive experience I've had. Thank you!

19.September 2020

11.September 2020

Listen to yourself;

need to find answers for some not easy questions (asking myself)

9.September 2020

1) I need to consider what is important to me

2) I need to consider what it is I want from a role

3) I need to look after myself before I look after others

9.September 2020

I had a great and useful session related to interview preparation with Gary. My top 3 learning are : (1) How to answer the basic question (2) How to structure in a better way the answer, notably about the "problem statement" (3) Preparation of potential questions related to the role.

8.September 2020

Nothing is wrong with me. I can control the negative voice whenever I want. I already have all the answers ;).

27.August 2020

The importance of certification, future goals, how to be good manager