About me

My name is Gaurav. I am the co-founder and Managing Director at Lean Apps. We help product leaders, product managers, and innovation leaders to validate their business ideas through lean experiments and build scalable digital products. We have solved multiple business problems in different domains and delivered 100+ digital products like mobile apps, web apps, chatbots, voice solutions, AR/VR, and AI solutions.

Product management, product marketing, and product design is my passion. I am very passionate about healthcare domain and solving problems which are directly linked to people's life. I have extensive experience in validating, building, and launching multiple digital products for the retail, music, healthcare, and telecom industry using lean experiments, design sprint, and agile framework. I love solving problems for my customers, teams, colleagues, and vendors. I always had a passion from the start of my career to be an entrepreneur and I am happy that I am on the right path. I love mentoring and coaching people in product management, product leadership, and all other aspects of building a scalable and profitable startup. I love sharing my experience with everyone and I would be happy to connect and help you if you are struggling with anything related to the below topics.

Mentoring Topics

  • How to find a product-market fit for your product?
  • How to test and validate your idea in 4 days using a design sprint?
  • How to build a product roadmap and focus on what is important?
  • How to manage your startup cash flows and finances?
  • How to build the right culture in the team?
  • How to take your company on autopilot?
  • How to sell your product/service using the PCNS approach?
  • How to define the vision, strategy and OKR's for your company?
Country: India Timezone: Asia/Calcutta