Hello! I am Giorgio, a trained pharmacist (PharmD) and neuroscientist (PhD) with experience in sales and business development within the life science sector. After completing my PhD, I worked in sales and marketing for a neuroscience company, and currently, I am a Business Development Manager at a biotech startup. Whether you're interested in discussing pharmaceutical research, exploring sales strategies, or navigating the complexities of neuroscience, I am here to help and share my experience with you. I am also a guitar player for those who are into music :) I am from Italy and I've been studying, working, and living in Helsinki, Finland for 8+ years.

My Mentoring Topics

  • PhD-to-industry transition
  • Why working in sales & business development after a PhD?
  • Pieces of advice for PhD students
  • Job search strategies
  • CV review
  • Interview preparation and tips
10.November 2023

Great session!