About me

Gregory is an Australian trained architect and scholar, also a coach and freelance academic urbanist in London, with one home in Kennington and one on a canal boat, currently on the Grand Union canal.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and lockdown, 5 years after completing my PhD, I realised that I could transform my career - to become a transformational life coach, and to guide others in their lives, their careers and their businesses.

Gregory Cowan PhD (Street Des) Dipl Transf. Life Coaching (Animas) PGCert (SSSL) MArch (res) B Arch (hons) RIBA VSO

Mentoring Topics

  • Urban development and street occupations after the Pandemic.
  • Architecture and urbanism education.
  • Small business incubation and development and business education
Country: United Kingdom Timezone: Europe/London