// Mixpanel implementation The Mentoring Club - Gregory Cowan

Gregory is a Life Coach, Urbanist, Educator and Urban Guide. An Australian trained architect and scholar with experience in several countries, he has lived in London nineteen years, with a home in Kennington, and another on a narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal.

In the midst of the 2020's pandemic and lockdown, 5 years after completing his PhD "Occupying Streets", Gregory moved from living on the water to Kennington. Gregory transformed his career from architecture, urban design and regeneration, via urban tourism, street architecture and nomadology, to become a transformational life coach, and to guide others in their lives, their careers and their businesses.

Gregory Cowan PhD (Street Des) Diploma of Transformational Life Coaching (Animas) PGCert (SSSL) M Arch (res) B Arch (hons) RIBA VSO

My Mentoring Topics

  • Life Coaching and Business Coaching, Architects, Academics, Ethnic Minority Migrant Scholars,
  • Developmental, Behavioural, and Performance Coaching
  • Small business incubation and development and business education
  • Urban development and street occupations after the Pandemic.
  • Architecture and urbanism education.
  • "Thank you so much for your coaching time. Your sessions helped me to really grow in my professional career goals." Sitira Williams
6.December 2021

The sessions were very valuable to my project management and time management skills, coaching me through how to manage my time, whilst setting realistic goals which can overall impact my organisation skills. I feel like my wellbeing has improved since having these sessions with you. It has been great having someone to challenge me whilst also help me to think about strategies and solutions to those challenges which I experience.