About me

The one thing I learned throughout these years – after being on the trench for more than 30 – is that to be successful (define success) and fulfilled in whatever you do, you need -above anything- a purpose.

I believe every individual should be given a chance and be supported at least once in life and it is time for me to help in the best possible way I can any person of purpose seeking for support.

I also believe -for the very little I can contribute with- that any good action is helping to make this world better.

I may not have all the answers sometimes, but I promise I will have the right questions and I will do my best to spark in you all your potential and redifine your boundaries; this is all about you, not me.

Here below you will find a short list of topics on which I am fairly confident I can help you out with, simply becasue it is my job and I have been through it in real life.

Check it and if you wish to have a deeper-dive, feel free to get in touch and let’s start this journey together !

Mentoring Topics

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Product management & product leadership
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Value selling approach
  • Pricing strategy and best practices
  • Build a strong Value Proposition
  • Business Modelling
  • Cultural alignment
  • 4 core dimensions diagnostic
  • Competitive analysis
Country: Italy Timezone: Europe/Rome

Reviews for Guido

26.April 2021

The session was very helpful and insightful in it's own ways. I'm especially more grateful for Guido going above and beyond and giving me 30 more mins than our scheduled time to connect :)

What I really appreciate about Guido:

1. His humility and how to down to earth he his

2. His communication style is very respectful and also open ended. I really like him saying things along the lines like - 'this could be just my opinion'

3. He was very welcoming in general and I also respect his kind thought and openness to connect again after I make some improvements on things we had already discussed

Some specific things that I will definitely say are key takeaways(some of which served as wonderful reminder of things that I had also come across in some point of life or new things and which in general were very applicable to my situation now - all of which makes me feel grateful to get to hear them from Guido) from my connect session with Guido:

- Be a good story teller

- W**hat stands you part; why people should connect with you;**

- Add Education details in your resume

- As a manager - you need to also be a `number person` , it's about 'balance'. I think he said this in addition to being a people person which I mentioned in my resume

- It's never about you, its about others - this also reminded me of what Kobe Bryant also said in one of his videos :)

- **a lot of things in the resume can be subjective;**

- The role does not make the person, it's the other way round

- Be genuine, be yourself

If I may, I have one specific thing to share as a feedback for Guido's kind consideration:

To make it easier for someone to connect with Guido and for them to know that zoom would be Guido's current preferred way to connect it would be great if he could kindly consider specifying that in his mentoring club profile description that he would send them an invite once a session is booked as the integration with google calendar invite and calendly is not setup as part of Guido's profile when trying to book an appointment with him. I luckily had linkedin premium so I was able to message Guido and connect with him that way to follow up on how we could setup the invite.

Last but not the least, what was also beautiful was in the start of the session on how we connected on being fans of the Harry Potter book :)

Thank you very much for your valuable time Guido :)