Attention: I'm off for December and will resume taking mentoring sessions in January. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fifteen years working on IT, distributed between the software development, video engineering, and education (in person and e-learning) sectors.

I've worked most of the time with Go, Lua (programming languages), Delphi/Lazarus/Object Pascal (programming language/RAD development tool), Mendix, and OutSystems (Low-Code platforms).

My Mentoring Topics

  • Software development (career)
  • Remote working (career)
  • Job Seeking (career)
  • Workplace behaviour (carrer)
  • Go (programming language)
  • Lua (programming language)
22.November 2021

My session with you was the most helpful contact I've had with anybody this year regarding both university and the field I wish to study in. You've definitely helped me choose my path and your guidance is exactly what I needed in this time period. I would always come back to you for counseling, as you've pretty much shaped the decisions regarding my future. (I pressed enter by mistake and sent an incomplete feedback form earlier!!!)

7.October 2021

Gustavo é uma excelente pessoa, em pelo menos dois temas distintos que eu sabia muito pouco ou praticamente nada ele foi muito prestativo e colaborativo. Buscando informações e me apresentando de forma clara e com uma excelente didática.

O recomendo muito!

7.October 2021

The advice and feedback I've received from Gustavo has been priceless. It has been insightful, while also inspiring me to push myself and further my learning by means of critical evaluation and intelligent study. Gustavo taught me things you simply would not find in a book, but only from the years of hard work and dedication this man has so obviously invested in his craft. He is highly personable, and very generous with his knowledge and expertise. Highly recommended.

7.October 2021

Yes, very helpful. Because your advises I could change to a better job position with good raise of salary.