What's up?! I'm Gus. I currently work at Google as a Technical Program / Product Manager. Prior to joining Google, I worked in different industries (e-commerce, software factory, food & beverage, investment banking, mobile telecom). Fun fact, I started my career as a backend engineer but soon I realized I like people more than I like coding. This has taken me to different experiences, ranging from project management, program management, product management (LOVE IT), and last but not least, entrepreneurship (one of my biggest passions). Apart from the areas of practice I've just listed out, I really like leadership, culture, career development, economics, sports (basketball!). If you call me a nerd, I get it. I'd rather call me a learner though, as I'm always studying and/or reading something new.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Entrepreneurship (from ideation to MVP)
  • Product Management (PASSIONATE about it :)
  • Project/Program Management (if you want to dive deep into frameworks and best practices, I'm up for it)
  • Stakeholder Management
  • OKRs, Goal Setting, Operational Planning
  • Career Development
  • Learning Techniques
9.February 2022

Thank you so much for the great session Gus, you listened to me very patiently and attentively and answered all my questions. The discussion we had not just drove me closer to the solution but gave me a fresh perspective to think about and look at the challenges in a new light. Overall I found our session to be extremely energizing and I have new found enthusiasm to tackle the problems that I face in my work. I am extremely grateful for the resources that you have shared with me and also thank you for giving me insights into your own day to day life to be more productive and effective.

2.February 2022

I found my session to be extremely valuable and it exceeded my expectations. It was very well structured, informative and I left feeling motivated. Due to this session I now have a plan to fulfill my PM goal and I am excited to book my next session when the time is right!

4.January 2022

Gus is an amazing mentor! Beyond inspiring, helpful, understanding and patient. He was able to predict all my questions before I have even asked them. The session felt like a conversation with a close friend, but a very insightful one. He recommended me a ton of books and courses and even shared with me his personal book list in Google Drive. Thank you for your precious time Gus!

3.January 2022

The mentoring was amazing! I learned very important lessons that I will never forget! Focus and courage were the things that most marked me in the conversation!

22.December 2021

Very helpful. I feel that I got a good understanding of the essence of product management. The entire conversation with Gustavo made me stop and think about how product should be developed and the importance of challenging practices and ways of working. Gustavo is a great listener and throughout our session I could see he genuinely enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience.

9.November 2021

The mentoring with Gus was great! He is the type of person challenges the way you think and do things with a realistic mindset, focusing on practical actions and sharing his impressive experience and knowledge.

12.October 2021

The session was very helpful. You took time to get to know the organisation, the team structure and some of our challenges and then connected that very logically to the advice you gave, which I found very useful because looking at organisational structure provides a lever to make changes to how we work. I also really appreciated you sharing your online resources since it provides a great start for me with material which is reviewed and valued by yourself.

12.June 2020

Top TPM skills: EQ: listening, relationship building, system design.

30.May 2020

Know the space before you go to an interview so you can exude that confidence, Build a portfolio you can leverage, become very comfortable with tackling ambiguity.

22.May 2020

1. how to drive change management within the company bottom up by using the 8 step process by kotter 2. changing non autonomous behaviors within an organisation can take considerable amount of time and sometimes needs buy-in from multiple peers and next-level managers (VPs) in order to change C-level opinion 3. OKRs are great - but they need to be owned by C-level in order to transfer it to the product teams 4.. great career advice on how to transition to another product organisation

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