👋 Hi there, I'm Ikram, a B2B Healthcare marketing leader with 18+ years of multicultural experience in Europe and in the USA. Award-winner and passionate about marketing, I led product management and MarCom strategy in healthcare companies. I am a proven marketing leader with a full set of experience in building and leading successful teams, collaborating with partners, getting things done, and driving growth and culture. Mentoring is one of the most rewarding experiences because I love connecting with people and I truly enjoy giving back to the community by sharing my experience as a women leader with a multicultural experience.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Starting a marketing career
  • Changing career in marketing
  • Building a team
  • Managing a marketing team
  • Growing in your career
  • International move
  • Empowering women in their career
  • Coaching - Self-confidence
27.October 2023

It was great chatting with Ikram and loading off some things I had in my mind, feeling heard and understood. Her feedback was super valuable, and I will definitely take her advice for the next steps.

21.June 2023

Ikram is such a great mentor to speak with as she combines experience with kindness. I got in touch with her during a very challenging time at work and am grateful for the time and attention she dedicated to me, and above all for the precious advice. In our session we mainly focused on navigating a toxic environment in the workplace and things to consider for my next career step. I've definitely come away with concrete takeaways that I will be following up on. Thanks again Ikram, I will keep in touch and look forward to speaking again in a few weeks' time.

18.May 2023

I had a great session with Ikram, she is an expert with great insights and experience. I learnt a lot from her and highly recommend if you feel lost and confused of your career.

27.April 2023

I enjoyed my session with Ikram, she offered alot of insight and recommendations Ikram is very generous with sharing her knowledge. This was a really positive experience.

16.April 2023

I am thrilled to share my experience for Ikram Guerd, a truly exceptional individual who I have had the pleasure of getting mentored by. Ikram was extremely warm to talk to and listened about my startup idea patiently, helped me to validate the idea and also how shared her perspective how it can be better. Throughout our discussion, I have been consistently impressed by Ikram's attention to detail, her ability to think strategically, and her dedication to help me in terms how I can better communicate the problem that I am trying to solve. If I say there are few people whom you can connect very easily, Ikram is one of them with her excellent communication and effortless warm nature. Overall, I recommend Ikram highly enough as a true mentor and a lovely person to connect to with a big smile on her face. Thank you Ikram for your excellent suggestions and feedbacks.

Lean In - Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
Sheryl Sandberg

Key Facts and Insights from "Lean In - Women, Work, and the Will to Lead" Leadership Ambition Gap: One of the primary concerns that the book addresses is the lack of women in leadership roles, which Sheryl Sandberg refers to as the "leadership ambition gap". The 'Impostor Syndrome': Women often doubt themselves and their abilities, believing they are not as competent as others perceive them to be - a psychological phenomenon known as the 'Impostor Syndrome'. Success and Likeability: There is a fine line for women between being successful and being liked. The more successful a woman becomes, the less likeable she is perceived to be. The Importance of Mentors and Sponsors: Having mentors and sponsors can significantly influence a woman's career trajectory. However, women should focus on performance and results, which will attract mentors and sponsors. The Myth of Doing It All: Women are often expected to "do it all". However, Sandberg argues that this is a myth and suggests finding a partner who shares domestic responsibilities. Leaning In: Women need to 'lean in' towards their careers and take on challenges and opportunities, even if they're not completely ready. The Gender Bias: Women are often held back by gender biases in the workplace, including gender stereotypes and discrimination. Make Your Partner a Real Partner: In heterosexual relationships, women often take on more household chores and child-rearing, which can hinder their professional progress. A shared domestic responsibility can help alleviate this. The Leadership Ladder: Women must not only climb the corporate ladder but also broaden their skills and experiences in a "leadership ladder" to reach senior roles. Don't Leave Before You Leave: Many women scale back their ambitions or even leave the workforce due to future family commitments. Sandberg advises women not to leave until they actually have to. In-Depth Analysis and Discussion In her book "Lean In - Women, Work, and the Will to Lead", Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, provides an insightful and compelling look at the issues women face in the workplace. Drawing from her own experiences, as well as extensive research and data, Sandberg discusses the reasons behind the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles, commonly referred to as the "leadership ambition gap". One of the critical issues she addresses is the 'Impostor Syndrome'. Despite their achievements and competencies, many women constantly doubt their abilities and fear being exposed as frauds. This lack of confidence often holds women back from pursuing opportunities and taking on leadership roles. Sandberg also illuminates the complex relationship between success and likeability. The societal expectations and biases often place women in a challenging position where their success inversely affects their likeability. This double-bind situation often leads women to downplay their success to be more accepted by society. The book highlights the importance of having mentors and sponsors in one's career, especially for women. However, Sandberg warns against focusing too much on finding mentors. Instead, she encourages women to focus on their performance and results, which will naturally attract mentors and sponsors. A recurring theme in the book is the myth of 'doing it all'. Women are often expected to excel in their careers while also taking on the majority of domestic responsibilities. Sandberg challenges this notion and advocates for a more equitable division of labor at home. The concept of 'leaning in' is the cornerstone of the book. Sandberg encourages women to lean in towards their careers and embrace challenges and opportunities, even if they feel they aren't ready. Gender bias is another significant barrier for women in the workplace. Sandberg discusses various implicit and explicit biases women face, including gender stereotypes and discrimination. She urges women and organizations to recognize and challenge these biases to create a more inclusive environment. One of the most practical pieces of advice Sandberg gives is to make your partner a real partner. In heterosexual relationships, women often take on more of the domestic chores and child-rearing, which can hinder their career progress. By sharing these responsibilities, women can have more time and energy to focus on their careers. Sandberg introduces the concept of the leadership ladder, suggesting that women need to broaden their skills, experiences, and networks to reach senior roles, rather than simply climbing the corporate ladder. Finally, Sandberg advises women not to 'leave before they leave'. Many women scale back their ambitions or leave the workforce prematurely due to future family commitments. Sandberg encourages women to stay fully engaged in their careers until they actually have to leave. In conclusion, "Lean In - Women, Work, and the Will to Lead" is a thought-provoking and empowering book that challenges societal norms and biases while providing practical advice to women to take charge of their careers. It encourages women to lean in, speak up, and lead, bridging the gender gap in leadership roles.

Playing Big - Find Your Voice, Your Vision and Make Things Happen
Tara Mohr

Key Facts and Insights: Inner Critic: The book highlights the concept of the Inner Critic, a voice in our heads that constantly undermines our confidence and abilities. Playing Small: Many women tend to play small, limiting their potential and not fully embracing their capabilities. Playing Big: The author advocates for 'Playing Big,' which involves stepping out of comfort zones, using one’s full potential, and making significant contributions. Leaping: The book introduces the concept of 'Leaping,' which means taking immediate, bold steps towards your aspirations. Unhooking from Praise and Criticism: Learning to detach oneself from external praise or criticism is a significant aspect discussed in the book. Communicating with Power: The book provides guidance on how to communicate effectively and assertively. Callings: The book emphasizes on recognizing and pursuing one’s true calling, without letting fear and self-doubt obstruct the path. Mentorship: The importance of seeking and giving mentorship is also highlighted in the book. Hiding: The author identifies various forms of hiding women resort to, preventing them from being seen and heard. Dealing with Fear: The book provides strategies to cope with fear and convert it into a driving force. Women’s Leadership: The author aims to inspire and guide women to take on leadership roles, breaking away from societal norms and constraints. An In-depth Analysis: "Playing Big - Find Your Voice, Your Vision and Make Things Happen" by Tara Mohr is a seminal piece of work that dives deep into the psyche of women, especially those who are in or aspire to be in leadership roles. The author, an experienced coach and leadership mentor, uses her expertise to illuminate the self-imposed barriers that women often create, hindering their own growth. The book begins by introducing the concept of the Inner Critic, a voice that echoes our deepest insecurities and fears, often causing us to doubt our abilities. This critic is the reason why many women end up Playing Small, a term Mohr uses to describe the phenomenon of women limiting themselves due to a lack of confidence or fear of failure. I have often encountered this in my practice, where highly capable women hesitate to step into leadership roles, fearing that they are not good enough. Mohr urges women to combat this mindset by Playing Big, a term she coins to signify stepping out of comfort zones and embracing one’s full potential. She encourages women to take immediate, bold steps or Leaps towards their aspirations, embodying the essence of Playing Big. This aligns with the concept of ‘act-as-if’ in psychology, where individuals are encouraged to act as if they are already in the position or state they aspire to be. A significant part of the book is dedicated to Unhooking from Praise and Criticism. Mohr advises women to detach themselves from external validation or criticism, which often hampers personal growth. This resonates with the concept of self-efficacy in psychology, which emphasizes on the belief in one's ability to succeed. Communicating with Power is another vital aspect discussed in the book. Mohr guides her readers on how to communicate assertively and effectively, a skill crucial for leadership. She also introduces the concept of Callings, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and pursuing one's true calling, without letting fear and self-doubt obstruct the path. The book also highlights the importance of Mentorship and identifies various forms of Hiding that women resort to, preventing them from fully expressing their ideas and potential. Finally, Mohr provides strategies to cope with fear and convert it into a driving force. She aims to inspire and guide women to take on Leadership Roles, breaking away from societal norms and constraints. This aligns with the transformational leadership theory, which emphasizes on inspiring and motivating followers to exceed their own expectations and capabilities. In conclusion, "Playing Big - Find Your Voice, Your Vision and Make Things Happen" is a profound book that provides valuable insights and practical guidance to women who aspire to step into leadership roles. It encourages women to overcome their inner critic, embrace their potential, communicate effectively, and lead with confidence and vision. I highly recommend this book to anyone aspiring to make a significant impact in their personal and professional lives.