I’m a marketing veteran with 18 years of experience in the field. I started out as a traditional marketer at Nestle, then I learned digital marketing during my days at the good old Nokia. At that time, the term “content marketing” was not coined yet and Instagram + Facebook + TikTok + ClubHouse did not even exist :) Since 2014, I’m the proud co-founder of the SaaS startup Perzonalization where I love sharing the experiences we’ve gained after helping hundreds of eCommerce websites succeed via our AI powered personalization platform. As the founding team, we have bootstrapped Perzonalization and transformed it from a local enterprise software company to a SaaS startup working with SME businesses from 35 countries. I am currently responsible for all the commercial activities of the company including (but not limited to!) customer acquisition, growth marketing, finances and customer success.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Marketing,
  • inbound marketing,
  • growth,
  • customer success,
  • SaaS marketing,
  • SaaS business model generation,
  • startups
  • startup coaching,
  • growth hacking,
  • startup mentoring
30.January 2023

Very helpful - Ilke was very knowledgeable and had great specific advice for my next startup development stages. My only suggestion is to provide an intermediate goal with a follow up (i.e. let's chat again after you do __ )

6.January 2023

Thank you Ilke for amazing guidance and shaping the focus. It was a very eye-opening experience to learn.

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