I have 4 years of successful CEO&CPO experience in IT startups in both B2B and B2C fields. My experience covers all phases of the product lifecycle, including idea, product development, launch, scaling, and exiting. I also have 1 year of experience in mentoring startups both by participating in various startup accelerators and as an outsourcer. I have 1.5 years of experience in top-10 global consulting companies developing strategies for global market leaders and government entities. In addition to management and strategic skills, I have technical skills developed during my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in top Russian IT Universities

My Mentoring Topics

  • Startups Development
  • Product Management
  • Product Design
  • Strategy
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Project Management
  • Negotiations
18.July 2023

Mentoring session with Ilya was very helpful for me. With his structured and strategic approach Ilya helped me to look at the problem from a new angle and provided me with actionable and specific action plan. I should also mention Ilya's positive attitude and practical approach.

21.May 2023

llya is really Professional. He knows how to wrap their knowledge and make it easy for everyone to understand. Everyone will feel comfortable with him.

16.May 2023

Mr.Ilya was extremely insightful and thoughtful in his approach towards answering all of my queries. We had a lengthy discussion surrounding the consulting industry and the do's and dont'(s) of this space. He backed all his examples and insights with anecdotes that enabled me to envisage the landscape better. 1 hour with him just flew by as he was charming and fun. An extremely valuable session overall!

6.April 2023

A session with Ilya was quite insightful! He has a broad experience in startups, which I was mostly interested in, and he gave me some useful advice. Ilya is a friendly, open and inspiring mentor, I appreciate a lot the time he found to share his experience, discuss strategic career decisions and possible learning paths. Awesome meeting, I hope we'll keep in touch!

16.March 2023

It was an absolute great experience to learn from him. He has given his profound advice as well as tried to understand my background, vision in a short span of time. He has been humbled with his knowledge and we discussed on a wide range of topics revolving around consultancy. thank you so much for your time and sharing valuable inputs

12.March 2023

Very helpful session as I now have a clearer vision on what to do and what are the steps I should take to bring my idea to fruition

14.February 2023

Ilya provided plenty of extremely helpful advice about the product strategy and helped me to find out-of-the-box solutions for a couple of product management issues in my startup. Ilya has given very detailed, actionable recommendations. Also, he has shown high interest in providing me support and, even after the session, answered several questions and sent me valuable materials. I have asked Ilya to become a mentor for my startup and have sessions regularly. I recommend everyone to reach Ilya if you would like to get advice about your startup

9.February 2023

Ilya was very helpful from beginning to end. I felt he was always listening and providing valuable inputs based on his extensive experience. I really enjoyed our session and I am thankful to him for donating his time for this.

8.February 2023

Very helpful advice on all sorts of topics on the subject I brought up. I liked how you often recapped a question before answering it, showing me that you understood it. The suggestion for market research was particularly useful (also something I hadn't thought about much before). Lots of takeaways and notes from this mentoring session. I'd recommend you to other people interested in startup development!

6.February 2023

Thank Ilya so much, the session was very helpful, so generous with your experience and knowledge. Great actionable and insightful tips and advices. I definitely would love to have more sessions. You took the time to listen and was able to understand where and what exactly I need help with. I recommend Ilya for anyone who is seeking clear and concise business advice . Thank you

2.February 2023

The Session with IIya was very helpful, I love the fact that complex things are explained well enough that they now look basic, I had no choice but to write things down because there is a lot of information coming out and I am so happy I was given the privilege to talk to him. Thank you so much for showing up.

27.January 2023

Ilya was extremely helpful and precise. We talked about the issues he faces in consulting, and he was extremely open and transparent. Very kind, and generous with his time.

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