I embarked on my journey in media over a decade ago when I picked up a microphone and recorder to create my very first radio story. Following a year in a newsroom, where I reported on major political events from both the studio and the field, I was drawn into the captivating world of documentary-making. It was in these stories and sounds that I found my true passion. Throughout my career, storytelling through various media genres has been my driving force. Whether I was interviewing Rohingya women in Myanmar or transgender youth in the Baltics, my focus has always been on the personal narrative. I aimed to bring forth unique and untold perspectives that could unravel the intricacies of social and political issues. Presently, I work as an international audiovisual and digital media producer. My role encompasses scriptwriting, podcast and video production, and the creation of concept notes and strategies for digital media campaigns, primarily centered around European projects.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Developing a career in journalism and media production
  • Career transition abroad
  • Resume development
  • Scriptwriting, audio, and visual storytelling
  • Marketing ideas
26.May 2024

I had a wonderful session today and I am excited and motivated to work on the tasks in preparation of launching my podcast. My mentor is very knowledgeable and I deeply appreciate her expertise.

6.January 2024

Indre was super helpful , providing so many details and steps for my project that I can already start working on and thinking through. Very insightful session with her. Thank you so much Indre!

2.January 2024

Indre was golden! She understood my Brand vision and product, and she gave me some brilliant creative ideas for my brand storytelling. I truly appreciate her!

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