Manager with 18 years of experience in designing and implementing programs, managing portfolios and building and scaling teams. Founded 3 NGOs and hold an Executive MBA from ESMT Berlin.

My Mentoring Topics

  • - Management
  • - Strategy & Business Development
  • - Fundraising
  • - Stakeholders Management
  • - International Development
  • - People Management & Organisational Behaviour
  • - Change Management
  • - Corporate Partnerships
  • - Non-Profit Organizations Management
  • - Public Policy
  • - Program Management
  • - Project Management
20.May 2024

Absolutely brilliant, she was very helpful. I walked away with a ton of information.

13.May 2024

Had an amazing session with a Quality Mentor. Understanding, Empowering, and Guiding was the beautiful essence I received from Ines Amri.

12.April 2024

Hi Ines, I wanted to extend my heartfelt appreciation for our recent conversation. Your insights on reflection exercises and visualizing my future self, particularly at 40 years old, were incredibly enlightening. Your guidance has provided me with a fresh perspective on personal development, and I'm eager to incorporate these techniques into my daily routine. Thank you for your time, patience, and invaluable insights—I look forward to our future discussions.

28.February 2024

I had an amazing session with Ines, during which we shared our insights on strategy and leadership. In particular, I found it interesting to learn about her challenges in managing the setup of a country office in Sub-Saharan Africa, including the difficulties of working in such a highly politicized environment, and how she successfully navigated these obstacles to make the setup a success. Thanks for your sincere and honest insights, Ines.

23.February 2024

The session with Ms Ines was really good and mind opening. She is a very attentive and keen listener. Ms Ines was able to connect with me and have a deep appreciation of the challenges I had spoken with regards to my career. Her insights in the Project Management field; skills, courses and certifications that would be helpful was invaluable. Being the first session I was able to have a good start at achieving the necessary clarity, needed to embark on my career growth journey. I look forward to another engaging session for follow up.

16.February 2024

Ines was very insightful and her guidance was very much appreciated! I had made it to a crossroads with a program I had been planning and Ines provided me with the resources I needed. She also gave me sound advice and the steps I need to take in moving forward with my program design. Her expertise is profound, I value her knowledge, and I find her mentorship worthwhile to both my professional and personal growth in the field.

24.January 2024

Great, inspiring mentoring session with practical suggestions and guidance as how to move forward with my career transition. After the session Ines provided useful information in relation to a project management course, which I have since looked into. I am looking to do a Princes2 qualification which is very much recognised and prerequisite in the UK for those who are looking for a project management role. I would definitely recommend Ines, as a mentor to anyone who is looking for advice and guidance in regards to career progression.

19.January 2024

Mentoring is so much more than showing your mentee how great you are, it's also about providing honest insights and guidance by sharing your experiences and perspectives with your mentee. Because of that, I really appreciate Ines' openness in sharing with me both her highs and her lows on her journey. She shared it from a place of care and sense of solidarity, and gave me a lot of practical insights and emotional support.

5.January 2024

I had a nice conversation with Ines. She shared plenty of insights with me about career goals, effective job search strategies, and more. Ines also provided tips to enhance my interview skills. Moreover, she shared information about the work culture. I'm really glad to be connected with her and highly recommend her mentorship. Her insights on approaching recruiters and building meaningful connections were invaluable. Ines's guidance has not only equipped me with practical tips but has also boosted my confidence in navigating the job market. Her personalized advice and wealth of knowledge make her an exceptional mentor. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to connect with her. If you're seeking professional guidance and want to elevate your career strategy, I highly recommend Ines. Thank you, Ines, for an insightful and empowering session. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

22.November 2023

I had the honor of working and talking with Enas Al Ameri, and I am extremely grateful for her guidance. Enas is highly professional and has a unique ability to help organize ideas and build self-confidence. Her guidance was instrumental in learning how to showcase my best skills during interviews. Enas' support was exactly what I needed, and I am now better equipped for my career journey. Thank you, for your invaluable insights and support.