About me

I strongly believe, that asking for support is the best one can do. On my own journey a missed someone in te role as a mentor for me, so I learned the long way.

In my very-personal area life I had to deal with different cultures and religions. Even if the way through until we found a basis was challenging, it thought me lots. I would love to help you learn from differences.

In my business life I did my master studies in marketing but ended up in It - one of the best career choices I have made. I restarted from scratch, it was hard work - but I am proud to be where I am. In my roles as Product Manager my studies helped as much as my technical knowledge which I learned on the job.

Do you face similar challenges or decisions which need to be done? Do you need someone to support you or support on Self Mastery?

I would love to be by your side!

Mentoring Topics

  • Women in IT
  • Personal Growth
  • Career with a child
  • Product Ownership
  • Projectmanagent
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin