Hey! Glad you made it here! My name is Ingmar and I am happy to help you. Are you... … stuck in finding the perfect idea? 🤔 … not getting a proper briefing from the account team? 😵 … feeling down because your ideas get rejected? 😢 ... unsure if you are presenting your ideas in a convincing manner? 🤓 … insecure about how to fight for your concepts? 😝 … not satisfied with the content of your own business?😕 … struggling to translate a strategy into great content? 😞 If some of these questions feel familiar to you, get in touch with me! I‘m a digital marketing expert with a demonstrated 15+ years of leadership history in the creative industries. Bridging the gap between Content & Creativity, Strategy & Execution, and Brand Momentum & Performance. In all those years I learned a lot from colleagues, co-workers, coaches, and competition about culture, creation, communication, and content. I´m happy to share those insights, to help you progress and grow in your profession (don´t be afraid your topic doesn´t have to start with a "c"). I look forward to the challenges you are facing and am happy to offer you my perspective.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Creativity
  • Strategy
  • Ideation
  • Agency Life
  • Planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Marketing
15.May 2024

It's rare to find someone who can provide so much valuable input in just one call, covering topics from career growth to job applications. This is the case with Ingmar. With humility, he shared a wealth of wisdom on career projection and offered insightful recommendations on strategy development. I highly recommend Ingmar!

15.December 2023

I'm so happy to have met Ingmar. He gave some great insight that has been helping me to grow my newly established agency. We touched on different topics related to client pain points, agency business model and project management and It was a highly progressive discussion.

14.November 2023

I recently had a very empowering session with Ingmar. He's a very talented professional and also great at getting the point across straight away. I'd definitely recommend him!

22.June 2023

Ingram is clearly an experienced marketer and mentor. I reached out to him during a very challenging time at work and am grateful for the time and attention he dedicated to me, and above all for the precious advice. In our session we focused on an e-commerce brand positioning strategy as well as navigating a toxic workplace environment. It was great to have someone with expertise listen and provide his outside perspective, and I came away from the session with useful takeaways that I will be following up on. Thanks again Ingram, I truly appreciate the help.

19.August 2022

The session was excellent! Ingmar is very friendly, structured and super knowledgable. He gave me many great, actionable tips specific to my challenges. Thank you once again.

15.February 2022

Absolutely! I found the content strategy ideas that were shared very interesting and will definitely apply them in the weeks to come. Appreciate your time and keep in touch!

15.December 2021

It was a great session. We worked on finding a link between my services to connect them all into a whole. We also discussed how I can stand out among the crowd. Ingmar had very good questions and shared lots of insight, which has got me thinking and brainstorming new ideas. High quality session and time well spent.

2.November 2021

amazing session with Ingmar, he is very detailed oriented, I asked him for feedback on my personal brand/blog and he was super thorough I enjoyed my session with Ingmar greatly As I have immensely benefited from his wisdom

22.October 2021

Ingmar was helpful in providing me insights from the advertising world. Many of his points helped ground me in the project I am starting and definitely will contribute in me making it a sustainable media business. With his background as a professor, Ingmar is a natural teacher. I definitely would recommend him!

18.September 2021

Your thoughtfulness in connecting the dots well for my prospective clients was precious. It really helped me in my message development. Appreciate your passion in adding real value to my work. Grateful for your time.

17.September 2021

Yes. He gives me advice on every piece of my content and I appreciate it.

30.August 2021

It was very helpful and insightful. Thanks for helping me see various ways to improve my brand voice and service idea.

27.April 2021

Besser als erwartet! Tausend Dank dafür Ingmar. Am Anfang dachte ich, ich sei unverschämt, wenn ich ohne viel Umwege direkt in die Problemlösung eintauche aber die Zeit haben wir wirklich gebraucht und so konnte ich mit einem ganz klaren Auftrag aus dem Gespräch rausgehen und direkt umsetzen. Der Austausch war sehr wertvoll für mich!