I started my career in tech back in the 90th in the tiny IT company of my father. I took over the software related tasks and that brought me ever deeper into coding. With my passion in technology and business I graduated in Business-Administration, Innovation-Management and took multiple IT courses e.g. Stanford and Harvard to strengthen my knowledge. Currently I have a little freelance business, but spend most of my time as full-time employee at the consultancy Monstarlab. References: - Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect - Certified: OpenJS Node.js Application Developer - Microsoft® Certified Professional - Hackathon enthusiast - Technical Account Manager for Telefonica, Warner Bros.® and Media-Saturn-Holding - Project Manager for NGOs e.g. UNICEF

My Mentoring Topics

  • Solution and Software Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence Developer
  • Leading (remote) Teams
  • Effective Communication
  • IT Strategy
  • Scrum
  • System Design
  • Health
1.May 2024

Danke für die Session! Hat mich gefreut, dich kennenzulernen. Deine Expertise als CTO & Teamleitung hat mir sehr weitergeholfen. Wir werden auf jeden Fall weiterhin in Kontakt bleiben.

29.October 2023

I had an opportunity to be a mentee of Ingo. We had a friendly conversation and I must say it was very helpful. Ingo has shared plenty of things with me about software architecture, solution design, etc and lots of other things too. He gave me resources to learn, as well as recommended some books. Really glad to be connected with Ingo and I would like to thank him for his valuable advice. You can go through his article linked https://ingoeichhorst.medium.com/learn-to-code-as-a-technology-manager-61da0ed81479 I would recommend you to have a session with him. Looking forward for my next. I would also thank mentoring-club for the creating such a good platform.

31.January 2022

It was really helpful getting things from a senior management perspective. High level concerns around product and team. Will definitely reach out in the future for advice!

9.November 2021

It was great talking to you about goal setting or interviewing. The conversation was very easy for me and I felt that I had someone in front of me who was willing to help. Not only that, I keep thanking you for being willing to help me with the interviews even before we had our call. It was very very nice. In short, it helped me a lot to talk about doing one thing at one time with someone who is enthusiastic and from whom I can learn a lot. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! And I hope to tell you in the next few weeks "Ingo I have a job! Now I just want advice on the next three thousand steps!" haha Have a nice day! Ana