About me

I started my career in tech back in the 90th in the tiny IT company of my father. I took over the software related tasks and that brought me ever deeper into coding. With my passion in technology and business I graduated in Business-Administration, Innovation-Management and took multiple IT courses e.g. Stanford and Harvard to strengthen my knowledge.


- Head of Development and CTO

- Senior Developer

- Microsoft® Certified Professional

- Certified: OpenJS Node.js Application Developer

- Hackathon enthusiast

- Technical Account Manager for Telefonica, Warner Bros.® and Media-Saturn-Holding

- Project Manager for NGOs e.g. UNICEF

Mentoring Topics

  • Leading (remote) Teams
  • Effective Communication
  • IT Strategy
  • Scrum
  • System Design
  • Health
Country: Germany Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Reviews for Ingo

9.November 2021

It was great talking to you about goal setting or interviewing. The conversation was very easy for me and I felt that I had someone in front of me who was willing to help.

Not only that, I keep thanking you for being willing to help me with the interviews even before we had our call. It was very very nice.

In short, it helped me a lot to talk about doing one thing at one time with someone who is enthusiastic and from whom I can learn a lot.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! And I hope to tell you in the next few weeks "Ingo I have a job! Now I just want advice on the next three thousand steps!" haha

Have a nice day!