About me

Ioana is a senior leader with 15+ years of experience in various industries and business models (from B2C to B2B, retail to e-commerce, financial institutions to classifieds), in various evolution stages (from existing and newly formed businesses), with focus on operations, commercial and marketing.

She led up to 1.700 FTEs and drove growth for businesses with +30 mln monthly turnover. She also designed and led digital transformations by project initiation and implementation, business process optimization and capability building.

She worked as a:

- COO in OLX Group, the greatest classifieds business in Romania

- Digital Transformation Manager for Sales & Marketing at Vodafone Romania

- Commercial Director for eMAG Romania, the greatest online marketplace in Romania

In the past 5 years she has also been a business consultant for several young Romanian companies offering support for building internal structures and systems that helped scaling up the businesses and expanding internationally.

Her expertise is mainly on these areas: e-commerce, Sales (B2C and B2B), Marketing, Commercial operations, Culture change, HR, L&D and successor planning, Customer care.

As her achievements piled up to her resume, she decided to switch the perspective through launching her own business and getting a coach certification. So now she is a proud founder of www.ateliereonline.ro, the first Romanian marketplace providing live online classes for kids, while coaching people for resilience, as a Resilience Coach.

Personally, she is raising 2 boys of 9 years old and 9 months old, while pursuing her cooking passion (occasionally she cooks into professional restaurant kitchens).

Mentoring Topics

  • Sales,
  • Digital strategy,
  • Company culture change and transformation,
  • Start up,
  • Resilience coaching,
  • Career coaching,
  • Recruitment and L&D,
  • Operations,
  • Customer care

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