As a seasoned Chief Human Resources Officer and HR Executive, I bring over 20 years of extensive experience in shaping dynamic HR strategies and fostering organisational growth. With a diverse academic background in Psychology, Pedagogics, and Computer Engineering, coupled with hands-on expertise in HR, L&D, and R&D, I offer a unique blend of strategic insight and practical execution. Throughout my career, I've demonstrated proficiency in driving transformative change initiatives, leadership development, and enhancing organisational effectiveness across a spectrum of industries, including Life Sciences, High Tech, Manufacturing, Aviation/Aerospace, FinTech, Cyber Security, and Data Management. My experience spans from multinational corporations to startups, allowing me to navigate complex business landscapes with agility and innovation. Adept at building strong relationships and understanding nuanced business challenges, I thrive on delivering creative and effective solutions tailored to each unique context. My track record includes successful leadership of large-scale teams, M&A transactions, and global HR strategies across diverse cultural environments. With a passion for continuous learning and cultural sensitivity cultivated through experiences across Latin America, the US, and Europe, I excel in fostering collaboration within multicultural teams. As a Speaker and Trainer, I leverage my expertise to inspire and empower others, driving forward-thinking HR initiatives that align with business objectives in today's rapidly evolving global economy. I am committed to leading teams that innovate, create, and drive sustainable growth through impactful HR strategies.

My Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership
  • People Management
  • HR
  • Coaching
  • Human relationship
  • Learning & development
9.April 2024

It was an amazing session. Ivo has a great knack for building a thriving workspace. It was great to exchange ideas.

22.September 2023

Ivo is an exceptional mentor and leader in the field of talent, HR, and learning and development. I had the pleasure of participating in a mentor session with him recently, and I was deeply impressed by his knowledge, experience, and insights. In my recent mentor session with Ivo, he gave me some amazing tips on how to improve my job search. He helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and he developed a plan to help me to achieve my career goals. He also gave me specific recommendations for skills to improve in order to be more competitive in the job market. Ivo's feedback was invaluable to me. He helped me to see myself and my career in a whole new light. I am so grateful for his guidance and support.

11.January 2022

Hi Ivo, thank you for the mentoring session. Thanks for being attentive and listening to my perspective. I will try implementing the ideas and the things you taught me. I like listening to your explanation about how things work or the secret to the way things work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge :)