Background in Psychology and Pedagogics. I have worked, coach and mentor people from junior to seniority and management through their careers.

Helped people to understand themselves and the environment around, so they can cope with it and develop different skills to grow both personally and professionally.

Areas of work: Education, Training, Mental Health, Cooperations

Side projects: Basketball coach for people with intellectual disabilities, music (guitar and drums), boardgames, and others

My Mentoring Topics

  • Leadership
  • People Management
  • HR
  • Coaching
  • Human relationship
  • Learning & development
11.January 2022

Hi Ivo, thank you for the mentoring session. Thanks for being attentive and listening to my perspective. I will try implementing the ideas and the things you taught me. I like listening to your explanation about how things work or the secret to the way things work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge :)